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The mission of PDS&I is to successfully match trained and/or experienced Household Staff to our clients and their individual households. We do this by taking the time to thoroughly understand the needs of each client. We are able to further accomplish our goal by offering our students the most comprehensive and up-to-date training programs available. We are committed to extensively researching the skills, personality traits, goals and values of each applicant in order to accurately place them in household situations where we believe they will be successful. By doing these things, we create long-term and satisfying service relationships for all parties involved.

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Professional Domestic Services & Institute is the largest national placement agency in the Midwest and the only school of its kind training Professional Household Managers/Butlers, Administrative Assistants/Personal Assistants, Estate Managers, and Estate Housekeepers. Our clients choose us because they know we represent the very best staff in the industry with realistic expectations. We have either trained the applicants we represent or we have tested their skills if they have had previous experience in a wealthy home.

Whether you are seeking quality long-term household staff, are an experienced professional with a service heart, or are someone who is seeking professional training, please contact us today! We have been providing professional service for over 23 years.

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2016 Programs Now Being Offered

Course Title

Estate Housekeeping January 4, 2016January 30, 2016
Professional Household Manager January 4, 2016February 26, 2016
Adm HM, Estate Mgr, Personal Asst.February 29, 2016March 25, 2016
Estate Housekeeping May 2, 2016May 27, 2016
Professional Household Manager May 2, 2016June 24, 2016
Adm HM, Estate Mgr, Personal Asst.June 27, 2016July 22, 2016
Estate Housekeeping October 3, 2016October 28, 2016
Professional Household Manager October 31, 2016November 25, 2016

Home Study Courses may be started and taken at any time.
Special Classes will be offered as time allows. Please check regularly for updates.

Please contact the Assistant School Director at (614) 565-5043 for current school tuition costs or information on our Home Study Programs. Specialty Classes are listed.

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Our training will prepare you for the care of fine homes and affluent families.

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Training Improved Her Career & Income !


I’ve been with my Boston employer as his House Manager for 9 years today!  It’s been a fast 9 years. In this profession the years fly, as you know.

Before this, I was with my Pittsburgh employers for 5 years….where I started after my training with you. It’s been an amazing 14 years–and to this day, I still can hear your words of teaching/training. I doubt there’s a day that’s gone by that my PDI training has not been used.

I have managed 9 multimillion dollar properties in my 14 years and I owe you credit for my training. It is not an easy profession and again my training prepared me not only for the managing of the physical properties but for the care/support/nurturing of the families and pets I have been privileged to oversee.

It seems fitting to thank you on my 9th anniversary and for the PDI program. I could not have done this job without you.

I hope all is good and happy in your life!

Best regards,

S. L.

Brookline MA


When I started cleaning homes 15-17 years ago, I was earning $30K a year. After a few years my salary went to $35K. Then I took your Estate Housekeeping class and started earning $55K. Because of you finding me employment positions (3) and taking your class, (which taught me how to properly care for homes of wealth) I earned an additional $300K then I would have. How can I ever thank you?
The funny thing is, is that I thought I knew everything about caring for homes. I didn’t realize that I didn’t know as much as I thought I did. Not only that, but I learned how to professionally care for the family as well as as their homes.
Being 40 years of age, it was hard for me at times to accept your criticism, but later on I realized that you only had my best interests at heart.
I want to thank you for all of your help over the years and the friendship that grew from it.
Hilliard, Ohio