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Because of the COVID-19 virus we are not offering (or scheduling) any classes. We will do so when this has subsided. However, we are still offering the Home Study Programs for your training and self-improvement.

Course Title Start Date Graduation Date
Estate Housekeeping & Fine Dining
4 week course $7500 includes text & materials
Household Manager
4 week course $7500 includes text & materials
Professional Household Manager
8 week course $12,000 includes text & materials
Administrative Household Manager
3 week very limited size class $4,800 text included

All potential students need to be pre-approved to attend our classes.  Please contact us for an application.  You will also  need to  sign up at least two months in advance to be able to secure a space in these limited-size classes.  We have been training professionals for 30 years.  For the benefit of our students we offer a real home to practice their skills in, that includes, antique European & American artwork, fine dining linens (American, English, French, and Irish) and Italian bed linens; fine china, crystal, and service pieces; over 20 Oriental rugs, “top-of-the-line” furniture and appliances; and a library with over 1500 books in order to “fine-tune” their skills on.

Home Study Courses may be started and taken at any time. Special Classes will be offered as time allows. Please check regularly for updates.

Another applicant reference:

From: Veronica Davis
To: carol@housestaff.net
Subject: to all potential students

To all the students of P.D.I. I have a story to tell I hope it will help someone along the way. You have chosen a profession that is probably one of the easiest and one of the hardest and you ask how can that be, let me explain myself, it can be easy if you love what you do. You took the right step by going to school and you listen to what your instructors are trying to teach you. There will be times that you will want to give up but don’t do it because it will all make sense to you later. Carol and all the other instructors are grooming and teaching you and giving you the basic tools it is up to you to learn and trust me you are learning from the best. In this profession it pays to be the best not only monetarily but it is also very rewarding that you can take on any challenge that you put your mind to. When you take this knowledge to the field that is when you fine tune it, you will have the basics after that it is all about the needs of the family that you are working for. The basic knowledge that you have learned at P.D.I. will give the head start that you need then… it is all about common sense, timing, knowing the needs of the family, confidentially, dedication, trust, and don’t be a chatty Cathy. If you can do all of this then your job will be smooth sailing.

On the other hand if you are not a self motivator and you have limited knowledge this profession it can be very difficult, most anyone can clean and make appointments… this does not make you a professional because there is the right way and the wrong way.

Please allow me to tell you just a little about myself. I met Carol for the first time about ten years (1992) ago I answered a ad she had in the paper for a housekeeper for one of her clients. I had some back round in this area but no professional training. At that time I was going through a divorce and my sister had just passed away. Needless to say I was a mess. I arrived at Carols for my in house testing in a white tee shirt with a kitty imprint on it and a pair of gray pull elastic waist cotton slacks I was told to came in what I thought would be appropriate to this job. Wrong, first mistake I am surprised she let me go on but she did. Started by cleaning her kitchen from last nights dinner got the job done but made a lot of mistakes. For one I put a piece of silver in the dish washer and a knife,didn’t fell up the salt shaker and so on. The kitchen was very clean but there was so much more then just cleaning that I did not know.

Carol sent me to the store with a list and I did some ironing I do believe she was pleased with how I carried out those task. Most of all she knew that I was eager to learn, I was very enthusiastic and highly motivated so I got the job. The job paid entry level, Carol had told me if I would take her class that I could make a lot more, at that time I could not afford to do so. Spent the next five years with that family and a wonderful family they were. It was time to move on so I contacted P.D.I.  Carol said to me once again if I could take her class and get my certification she could represent me for more money and I must add she also told me that I needed to be polished, she knew that I could do the job but needed to be fine tuned. So I did and I increased my salary by twenty thousand dollars and much more if you add in all the perks like free rent, utilities, a car with all my gas paid for, health insurance, two weeks paid vacation, etc. Was taking her class worth it? Oh yes it was!! Did I learn from my training? Sure did and I continue to learn every day so when you think you know it all….you don’t.

To everyone who is thinking of taking this course I highly recommended that you do so you will not regret it.

Yours Truly,
Veronica Davis
Graduate of the spring class 2004

Note from Carol:  Roni is now retired and still remains a friend. She earned over $240,000 extra in just 12 years.  Financially it was well worth the 8 weeks of training, and emotionally she took much more pride in her abilities and the way she was treated.  Her employers treated her as a professional because she had the knowledge that was required to be called an Estate Housekeeper; and the excellent care that she provided to her employer’s home and family.