MIT of Domestic Training

Professional Domestic Services & Institute uses an actual home that serves as a training ground for preparing individuals to care for a home of wealth.  It is furnished with everything that could be found in a home that they might …Read More

Finding Household Staff

How hard can it be to find household staff for your home? For some of you, you already know the answer to this question. Because you’ve been burned before. You’ve placed your own ads and done your own screening and …Read More

What Makes our Training Special

Questions to ask yourself when considering training: Do you have the qualifications that a wealthy employer expects from you? Just researching online will not make you an excellent employee. You must have the experience of doing the things required. Having …Read More

Employment Opportunities

Positions change daily and are not always posted.  Please make sure that you are on file with us?  

Shopping for Employers….Great Fun!

How to provide professional shopping service to your employer Personal shopping is one of those tasks that sound pretty good to anyone aspiring to be a professional Household Manager. Not only do you get out of the house and get …Read More

Client References

February, 2018 I am honored to offer a reference for Carol Scudere. Prior to Carol, I spent months searching and interviewing candidates. She didn’t waste any of my time with applicants who were not qualified. In less than 30 days, …Read More

Maintaining Long Term Household Staff

What you want: to provide every incentive possible to ensure that your fantastic household staff stay in your employ for a long time. What we have: a list of proven guidelines to help you do just that! 1.Communication: It’s best to have …Read More