Executive Housekeeper/Household Manager Won’t Last Long

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This 39-year-old single woman is seeking an Executive Housekeeper/Household Manager position. She says she finds detailed, deep cleaning very satisfying and seems highly skilled with laundry and ironing. She also says she enjoys cooking with garden-grown ingredients. Her activities include “iron man” training (bicycling, running, swimming) and travel) she has visited over 60 countries). She devotes much of her time to community service, particularly her local Rescue Mission, where she cooks and cleans. This candidate describes herself as “hard working, honest, reliable, responsible, take charge, and adaptable to most situations.” With over twenty years of working in the domestic service industry, it appears she will provide excellent, hands-on care of your property. We are impressed with this candidate’s intelligence, work ethic, and service heart. We have every confidence that she could be a great asset to your domestic staff. Applicant #010611