Central Ohio Position Needed

Posted In: Administrative Household Managers, Personal Assistants, Estate Managers/Major domos

Central Ohio woman is seeking a full-time position as a Household Manager, Personal Assistant, or Lady’s Maid. She has over 17 years’ experience working in private homes in these capacities. Her responsibilities over the years have included assisting with staff training; scheduling and overseeing contractors and vendors; coordinating and scheduling the family calendar; packing for business and family travel; assistance with planning parties and events; offering dining table set-up and meal preparation; cooking for family dinners and large events; purchasing household items; answering the door and telephone and relaying messages; care of upscale clothing; and caring for silver, china and fine furnishings. She would prefer to be in a position where she is responsible for little to no housecleaning, although she is able to fill in when needed. She prides herself on her ability to anticipate needs, maintain privacy and confidentiality, and be available whenever her employer needs her.  Applicant #011112