Personal Assistant/Household Manager

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This applicant, who has been a Personal Assistant/Household Manager her entire career, specializes in making her employer’s life easier. She was with one family for 14 years. She has experience in administrative tasks, housekeeping, clothing care, organizing special occasions and fundraising events, and supervising staff members, in addition to elder care, child care, and pet care. As a personal assistant, she helped maintain the calendar and appointments in addition to scheduling repairs. She was responsible for the record keeping and filing, sorting mail, and keeping track of bills. She was trusted to make bank deposits and withdrawals, as well as overseeing other employees’ hours and payments. As a household manager, she took care of a 6,500 square foot home, provided landscaping care and design, transported family members to the airport and activities, ran errands, supervised the children, and prepared meals. This woman is polite, reserved and pleasant. From her references, it is clear she is reliable, responsible, honest, trustworthy and discreet. A former employer said, “Not only did she take great care of our family, she loved to do little extra things for us.”  Applicant #040607