Fluent in French this Butler also Cooks

Posted In: Butlers, Household Managers, Housekeepers/cleaners

52-year-old single gentleman is seeking a full-time, long-term, live-in Household Manager/Butler position. He speaks French fluently, is conversational in Italian and Spanish, and has earned Household Management Certification. His experience includes occasional cooking; shopping; running errands; ordering; housekeeping; maintaining silver, china, art, and antiques; maintaining the wine inventory and list, storage room, and supplies and equipment for laundry room; organizing and packing clothing and equipment for travel; wardrobe maintenance and management; and guest care. He also has experience with setting up and directing service, staff supervision, planning and implementing social and business events, negotiating with vendors and suppliers for renovation and maintenance projects, vendor management, preparing expense reports of household expenditures, and working closely with office, household, and domestic staff to ensure the efficient operation of daily household and personal schedules. Prior to his work in private service, this gentleman worked in the hospitality industry as an Executive Chef, Assistant Chef, Chef/1st Mate, Assistant Manager/Chef de Rang and Banquet Manager, both in the US and in Europe. He describes his personality as “calm, courteous, charming and dignified,” and calls himself “honest, trustworthy, and absolutely dependable……loyal, professional, & dedicated to delivering my strengths”, which he defines as “strong work ethic, extremely discreet, confidential, respectful & well-mannered.”  Applicant #DC0530712