Old Fashioned Work Ethic

Posted In: Administrative Household Managers, Personal Assistants, Estate Managers/Major domos

48-year-old woman is seeking a full-time, live-out position as a Household Manager. She is an experienced professional and is well educated with a bachelor’s and a master’s degree. She also has Household Management Certification. Her varied experience includes grocery shopping, cooking, purchasing household goods & personal items, packing/unpacking, valet services, staff management, caterer/event planner, vendor management, chauffeuring, tutoring, and pet care. This applicant also has experience in administrative tasks such as internet research and purchasing, making travel arrangements, compiling/organizing household documents and inventories, email/mail/parcel management, bill paying, calendar management, acting as moving coordinator for household relocation, and serving as a personal/administrative/production assistant for her former employer and her business. We found this applicant to be happy, confident and professional. She describes herself as “caring, generous, empathetic, amiable, trustworthy, reliable, responsible, conscientious, hands-on and hard-working” and adds, “I am competent, efficient, organized and have an old-fashioned work ethic.” We believe she could be a superb Household Manager for your home!  Applicant #DC0600812