Mature Gentleman Companion Housecleaner/Manager

Posted In: Butlers, Household Managers, Housekeepers/cleaners, Companions/Care providers

57-year-old non-smoking married gentleman is seeking a full-time, live-out, long-term position as a Housecleaner/Household Manager. He says he enjoys cooking and food prep, detail housecleaning, laundry, staff supervision, errands, flower and vegetable gardening, caring for house plants, providing hospitality to guests, and administrative responsibilities. In his spare time, he says he enjoys animals, photography, walking, snow skiing, and biking. He has some understanding of Spanish, has an associate’s degree in Resort/Hospitality Business Management, and is a 1999 graduate of a household management school. He has over 13 years’ experience in household management. His responsibilities have included managing budgets; managing staff; planning, supervising and assisting with business and personal events up to 300 guests; managing, hands-on supervision and assisting with detailed housekeeping; computer systems management; supervision of landscaping and hands-on gardening; care of swimming pool and vehicles; Smart Home upkeep; and general and preventive maintenance of buildings. He seems to have an outgoing personality, an easygoing manner, and a generous heart. He says he achieves much pleasure by meeting his principals’ expectations. We believe that this gentleman’s experience and apparent heart for service will make him an excellent addition to nearly any household.  Applicant # OH0010114