“Computer Geek” who Cooks

Posted In: Administrative Household Managers, Personal Assistants, Estate Managers/Major domos, Cooks/Chefs

41-year-old nonsmoking woman is seeking a full-time, live-out Personal Assistant/Chef position. She will require one month’s notice for accepting new employment. She loves to cook and states she also enjoys staff supervision, flower gardening, organization skills, providing hospitality to guests, payroll, accounts payable, and other administrative duties. Other interests include traveling, swimming, and spending time with her dog. Her computer abilities include Microsoft Word and Outlook, Internet Explorer, and Windows. She has some experience with the following programs: Microsoft Excel, iTunes, and Quick Books. She has an associate’s degree in culinary studies. Since May 2005 she has worked as an Estate Manager/Chef. Her responsibilities have included budgeting; staffing; oversight of contracted employees; acting as representative for legal matters; acting as liaison for domestic and international travel; acting as construction foreman during building/renovation projects; cooking as well as acting as their their Restaurant/Café Manager (where her responsibilities included designing the restaurant and its menus, among others); overseeing and organizing multiple properties, where she was responsible for hiring, training, navigating and managing relationships, residences, and household and estate staff; handling payroll administration and human resources; and understanding, updating and coordinating Smart Home technologies in various properties, including Lutron, Crestron, Elan, and Home Works, to ensure a seamless transition from one property to another. This woman describes herself as a pleasant person who is easy going, is easy to talk to, and maintains an open door policy for employees. She also says she is respectful, not overly chatty, self-confident, and a “geek” in regard to computers. She says she really enjoys this profession and does it well. She enjoys solving problems and says she is successful at making the experience of coming home “a treat instead of a headache.” She says she is an expert at maintaining the “fine edge” between personal and professional boundaries. We feel that she is trustworthy, honest, and the type of employee where the employer always comes first. We feel that she would be a valuable addition to any home.  Applicant # OH0010115