Able to Travel with Employer

Posted In: Administrative Household Managers, Personal Assistants, Estate Managers/Major domos

37-year-old engaged woman is seeking a Personal Assistant position. She enjoys food prep, staff supervision, pet care and running errands for her employer, as well as organizing, caring for house plants, providing hospitality and coordinating social functions. She describes herself as “bubbly, friendly, energetic, helpful, kind and warm.” In her spare time she enjoys taking walks, traveling, tennis, biking and motorcycling. She tells us she does not smoke or drink and has reliable transportation. She is flexible with her schedule and is available for travel (has passport) or working weekends. Her experience includes working as a Personal Assistant for a single gentleman for the past 8 years; she is leaving only because he no longer needs a full-time employee. Her duties have included financials, running errands, inventory and ordering, shopping, driving, calendar maintenance, creating itineraries, assisting with travel, home management, correspondence, maintenance scheduling, and helping to organize the house. With her strong organizational skills and her desire to please, we feel she will be a pleasant addition to your home as a Personal Assistant.  Applicant #OH0010312