PDI Graduate is seeking an Administrative Household Manager/Personal Assistant Position

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56-year-old married woman (19 1/2 years) and graduate of Professional Domestic Institute is seeking a full-time Administrative Household Manager/Personal Assistant position. She has nearly 2 years’ experience working as a Household Manager for a family, and over 4 1/2 years’ experience working as an Executive/Personal Assistant at a company. She enjoys food preparation, organization, staff supervision, chauffeuring, running errands, providing hospitality to guests, coordinating social functions, and administrative duties. In her free time, she says she enjoys attending church and related activities, walking, traveling, arts and crafts, animals, and attending concerts and movies. She is proficient in Microsoft Word and Internet Explorer, and she has experience with Microsoft Office Suite 2010, including Excel, Outlook, and Publisher, as well as Adobe. During her time at Professional Domestic Institute, we were quite impressed with this woman. She was one of two students who took on a full-year’s home study program in Professional Household Management with the International Institute of Household Management & Staffing in a very short period of time so that she could join Professional Domestic Institute on-site in our Administrative Household Manager/Personal Assistant program. One reference had this to say about her: “[She had] a cheerful and positive attitude and was always willing to undertake anything we asked. She is honest, trustworthy, punctual, and brought a strong common sense to all tasks…. she initially took charge of very important documents (which she found in a sad state of clutter) for our family and home… Thankfully, we now have probably a dozen bound manuals that allow us to put our hands on these documents quickly. She also helped organize the rooms of our home; again, she took on many tasks that simply made our lives easier. True to her personality, she took on each task with her trademark enthusiasm and thorough work ethic.” Another stated, “[She] has worked diligently to create order in my frenzied live over [4 1/2 years]. [She] handled both important personal and business matters for me. She has provided me with prompt and loyal assistance with professionalism and discretion. She is a very welcoming and friendly colleague [who] is always receptive to questions and requests. She is highly respected for being helpful, supportive, and a good listener.” This woman’s experience, training, and true service heart would make her a valued addition to any home and family.  Applicant  #OH0010415