Experienced Couple Are Available to Provide the Care you Need for your Home, Family and Property

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This married, ambitious couple in their mid-50s is seeking a full-time, long-term Domestic Couple position. This dedicated professional team has had almost one year of hands-on experience on a large estate.  The lady’s experience includes all housekeeping duties, cooking, shopping, errands, gardening, laundry, ironing, mending, and pet care. The gentleman’s experience includes small equipment maintenance, painting, gutter repair, exterior floodlight repair, tree trimming, sprinkler system repair, plumbing leak repairs, lawn maintenance/seeding, auto care, and lawn/home/garden insecticide/fungicide application.  They enjoy interior and exterior detail and general housecleaning, cooking, gardening, and providing hospitality to guests.  In their spare time they enjoy walking, biking, going to concerts/movies, and caring for animals.  She describes herself as “friendly, pleasant, caring, trustworthy, loyal, [with] a high standard of morals.”   He depicts himself as “outgoing, trustworthy, loyal, a good communicator [with] possesses a passion for excellence.”  This couple’s experience and service heart go well beyond their years in the industry and would be great assets to your household! Contact us today for more information.  Applicant #OH0010913 & #OH0020913