Effervescent Professionally Trained Personal Chef/Nanny is available for Anywhere

Posted In: Cooks/Chefs, Nannies/Governesses

This effervescent 29-year-old woman has worked as a Personal Chef/Nanny for over 4 years and has received a Culinary Arts degree from the Columbus Culinary Institute.  She is able to work flexible hours and is able to travel for her employer.  She is passionate about and experienced in cooking, preparing food, baking, laundry, ironing, general housekeeping, running errands for her employer, vegetable and flower gardening, nurturing house plants, providing hospitality to guests, chauffeuring, and coordinating social functions.  In her leisure time she enjoys walking, traveling, biking, singing, photography, and caring for animals.  She describes herself as “joyful, enthusiastic and friendly.” She appears to have a warm personality, a love for cooking, and the ability to enhance her employer’s household.  She is highly talented and exceptionally experienced in culinary arts and childcare, and she would be an amazing addition to any household. She would prefer to stay near Columbus, Ohio, but may consider elsewhere for the right position. Contact us today for more information.   Applicant #0011113