Experienced Single Gentleman seeking Chef/Houseman/Chauffeur/Household Manager Position

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This 53-year-old single gentleman is seeking a full-time, long-term, live-in position as a Houseman/ Chauffeur/ Household ManagerHe states that he does not smoke or drink and is available to travel with his employer (he has a current passport) at any time.  He says he enjoys cooking, serving food, providing hospitality to guests, chauffeuring, elder care, running errands, administrative duties, secretarial duties, and computer work. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, attending church, walking, singing, attending concerts/movies, animals, and arts and crafts. He has a valid U.S. driver’s license as well as an International Driver’s License. He has a degree in Business Administration and Hotel Management. He has been a certified Handyman since 1987 and has worked both part- and full-time in that capacity. He has 8 years’ experience working in private homes, nearly 7 of those years for one family as a Household Manager/Valet/Chef. Currently he is working as an Estate Manager for a New York corporation. His professional experience includes overseeing, maintaining and repairing the home; preparing and serving meals; shopping; laundry; running errands; contractor management; personal assistant duties; travel valet duties; travel planning; driving internationally (stick shift and left-side road experience); child care; and medical needs assistance. He is seeking a salary of $85,000. He seems to have very strong administrative and culinary skills, and he says that he pays attention to detail and is “not afraid of any task.” He appears to have a strong service attitude to compliment his skills and experience. We believe that he will provide an outstanding presence in any home and quickly become indispensable to his employers.  Applicant #OH0011213-2