Mature Gentleman seeking an Estate/Household/Property Manager.

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This 56-year-old married (for 35 years) gentleman, seeking an Estate/Household/Property Manager position. He seems to enjoy and be efficient at everything. Some of these duties and skills include housecleaning, cooking, serving meals, running errands, supervising staff, performing administrative duties and valet services, chauffeuring, organizing, vegetable gardening, caring for house plants, and coordinating social functions. In his spare time, he enjoys biking, walking, golf, traveling, and animals. He says he does not smoke, seldom drinks, has a current passport, and hasn’t missed a day of work in 11 years. He is also willing to relocate. He is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and also has a certificate in Mixology. He has worked in private homes since 1997 and has worked for his current employer for the past 11 years. He has experience working as part of a Couple with his wife as well as alone. In his most recent position, he worked for a family that owned homes in 4 different states. His responsibilities originally included managing landscaping and changing plantings in flower beds, developing manicured flower beds out of overgrown areas, pool and fountain maintenance, vehicle care, pet care, event planning, developing maintenance and household manuals, and supervising remodeling and construction projects, among others. His responsibilities grew to include overseeing multiple properties including interacting with accountants and attorneys, handling all invoices and accountability for employee HR, credit card reconciliation, and employee safety and training. This gentleman has been one of the most organized individuals that we have met in this industry in 21 years. We found this gentleman to be very friendly and knowledgeable.  He describes himself as a “professional with a calm and reassuring personality.  A sincere, inherit ability to serve, anticipate, and focus on the tasks at hand.” His service attitude is very apparent, and he states that he has a natural aptitude to give and a natural ability to serve. He has that Midwestern work ethic that believes in working hard, being honest, and getting the job done.  His heritage is one of service and making a difference in the lives of others, both professionally and personal.  He tells us that he doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty, and he would never ask anything of anyone that he wouldn’t do himself.  He also states that he has a keen eye for seeing things that need to be done and a natural sense of being able to anticipate the needs of his employer. We believe that he would be an amazing employee that would provide excellent care for you and your family. This is a gentleman that the longer he works for you, the more you will appreciate him.  Applicant #OH0020514-2