Butler now available

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This 57-year-old single gentleman is seeking a position as a Butler. His combined 17 years in the industry give him the experience, knowledge, and skills to provide any employer an impeccable level of service. He has worked as a butler in both corporate and private settings, though he wishes to return to private service. With experience in tea service, poolside functions, cocktail parties, and formal dinners, he is proficient in any atmosphere. Prior to his 9-year stay with one prominent Florida family, he worked for both a French and British family, giving him experience with a variety of serving styles. His past employer has described him as “The Quintessential Butler.” He is “honest and trustworthy, and his appearance is always impeccable,” remembers one former employer. In addition to his Butler duties, he has acted as household manager and personal valet, overseeing contractors, performing administrative duties, driving, and running errands.  Applicant #OH0020713