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This seasoned 52-year-old gentleman has been working in the Domestic Industry for over 25 years. He is accomplished in detailed and general housecleaning, laundry, ironing, sewing, cooking, the preparation of food, the casual & formal serving of food, running errands, chauffeuring, organizing, and administrative duties. In addition, he takes pleasure and is skilled in flower gardening, nurturing houseplants, staff supervision, coordinating social functions and providing hospitality to guests. He describes himself as “professional, polished, friendly and accomplished.” In his spare time he enjoys taking walks, animals, swimming, bike riding, traveling, running, concerts and movies. This gentleman is highly talented, extremely experienced and has an intense love of the domestic field. He is exceedingly in tune with his principals needs and has demonstrated an extraordinary work ethic. He is gifted, knowledgeable, and vastly recommended by several of his previous employers. He is passionate about his work and understands how to manage fast-paced, high-profile estates. We feel that this gentleman would be an excellent asset to any household. Contact us today for more information. He is seeking a salary of $100,000 plus housing and relocation fees, and in our opinion he is worth every cent of what he is seeking and then some.  Applicant #020213