Security and Southern Charm

Posted In: Administrative Household Managers, Personal Assistants, Estate Managers/Major domos, Security

34-year-old single man is seeking a Personal Assistant position. He has been working as a Personal Assistant and Security Personnel for more than 11 years. He enjoys caring for his clients and also seeing to the details that makes his employers comfortable. He enjoys food prep, supervising staff, chauffeuring, running errands, providing hospitality, organization, administrative duties, and coordinating social functions. Some of his past responsibilities and experience include coordinating schedules, appointments and travel arrangements; planning major relocations; traveling worldwide with employers; maintaining social and philanthropic activities; selecting, supervising and coordinating contractors; planning and coordinated special events for friends and family; maintaining care and inventory of fine china, silver, automobiles, artwork, antiques and other special collections; hiring and managing staff and estates in different locations; offering knowledge of fine wines and maintaining a wine cellar; and chauffeuring, providing, or scheduling security. He describes himself as “quiet, but a good communicator, funny and serious.” In his spare time he enjoys swimming, singing, running, golf, traveling, arts and crafts. He is talented, dedicated, and well thought of by his past employers. He enjoys his work and is motivated to learn all he can about his clients and their needs. He has demonstrated good communication skills and good follow-through. He appears to be bright and well able to handle the various duties required of a Personal Assistant.  Applicant #OH0030112