Household/Estate Manager now Available

Posted In: Administrative Household Managers, Personal Assistants, Estate Managers/Major domos

This 51-year-old married gentleman is seeking a Household / Estate Manager position. He has worked in the domestic industry for more than 13 years and possesses a Business/Estate Management certificate.  He says he enjoys general and detailed housecleaning, laundry, ironing, chauffeuring, valet services, organizing, running errands, providing hospitality, coordinating social functions, casual and formal serving of food, staff supervision, and administrative duties.   He describes himself as “calm, positive, loyal, patient, understanding, well-mannered and well groomed.” He tells us he does not smoke, has a valid passport, and is available for relocation. He has professional experience in overseeing vendors for interior and exterior maintenance of properties, payroll, bill pay, inventory, maintenance and upkeep of home and vehicle records, assistance with child care, coordinating family calendars and events, coordinating and supervising domestic staff, overseeing interior decorating and flower arrangements, budget management, pet care, grocery shopping and meal preparation. He is seeking a salary of $90,000. This gentleman appears to be enormously talented and very experienced; he exhibits a tremendous love of professional household service. He seems to be hard working and intelligent with a knack for being in tune with his employer’s needs. We have found that he possesses outstanding communication proficiencies and has shown ideal follow-through with our agency.  We believe that this gentleman would be a remarkable asset to your household.  Applicant #OH0030613-2