Gentleman Estate/Household Manager Now Available

Posted In: Administrative Household Managers, Personal Assistants, Estate Managers/Major domos

This 49-year-old single but committed gentleman is seeking a position as an Estate/Household Manager. He describes himself as someone who takes initiative and can bring order out of chaos. He has spent the last 10 years working for one family, where he hired, trained, and managed a staff of 6.  He coordinated schedules and developed household manuals for duties, tasks, safety, home maintenance, and laundry. He acted as personal assistant by shopping, packing, prepping for travel, payroll and accounting, working with contractors, and prepping for parties. He provided animal and car care as well. In essence, he is willing and able to perform whatever duties were needed of him by his employer! He is ready to do the same for you!  Applicant #OH0030713