Caretaker available to live anywhere

Posted In: Caretakers/Landscapers

This 25-year-old gentleman is seeking a Caretaker position. Despite his youth, he has a terrific skill set including lawn care, flower bed and landscaping installation and maintenance, equipment maintenance and repair, snow plowing, caring for ponds, painting, stonewall maintenance, minor roof repairs, and minor electrical and plumbing repair, among other skills. He has 4 years’ experience working as a groundskeeper and mechanic for a country club, where he was responsible for maintenance of the equipment, buildings, and grounds. He states that he can work without smoking. He is seeking a salary of $40,000. What impressed us most about this young man was his common sense and the ability to care for anything with research and determination. He seems to be a quick learner as well as an individual motivated to do his very best and excel. We feel he will only get better with experience, and he would be a good property caretaker for any family.  Applicant #0040414