Professionally Trained Nanny is seeking a live-in position carrying for children anywhere

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This 45-year-old professional trained nanny/newborn care, non-smoking divorced woman is seeking a full-time live-in position as a Nanny anywhere. She says she enjoys childcare and child-related activities such as cooking, chauffeuring, running errands, and organization. In addition to a professional Nanny diploma and an associate’s degree in Professional Nanny/Family Childcare, she also has a certificate as a Newborn Care Specialist. She has over 15 years’ experience in childcare and is willing to relocate. She says about herself, “I believe in teaching children, including manners, being responsible, and everything they need to grow up to be responsible adults. Children deserve to have people around them who will love, care for, and nurture them. Reading books and listening to music is important to me, and I like to introduce that at an early age. Arts and crafts are always fun to try. Trips to local parks and museums are fun and educational. Being involved in their schoolwork if needed [is important]. I want to work as a team with the parents to provide consistent care, the development of good habits, and leading through example. I try to bring a lot of enthusiasm and playfulness to my job each day.” We believe that her attitude, education, experience, and genuine love for children will make her an exceptional Nanny in any home and family.  She is seeking a salary of $52K per year plus benefits.  Applicant #0050915