Spanish/English speaking Household Manager

Posted In: Administrative Household Managers, Personal Assistants, Estate Managers/Major domos

This 48-year-old gentleman has a broad range of skills and interests well suited to a House Manager position. He is an exceptional detailed cleaner with experience in maintaining fine furnishings (antiques, silver, and crystal) and demanding surfaces (fine wooden floors, marble and granite surfaces). Laundry, ironing and cooking are also areas where he excels. He is particularly skilled in healthy cuisines and baking. He has more than 29 years’ involvement in the domestic field with extensive experience in security. He states he enjoys cooking, food prep, general and detailed housecleaning, providing hospitality, organizational skills, administrative duties, casual & formal serving of food, and coordinating social functions, supervising staff, chauffeuring of individuals and errands. He describes himself as “very confident, strong, yet subdued and trustworthy.” He possesses a valid passport and speaks fluent Spanish. He is flexible with his work schedule and hours. We feel that this gentleman has much to offer to an employer. He enjoys his work and is inspired to learn all he can about his clients and their needs. He appears to be sharp and able to handle the various duties required of a House Manager.  Applicant #OH0060313