Single Housecleaner for Columbus, Ohio area

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30-year-old non-smoking single woman is seeking a full-time, live-out, long-term position as a Housecleaner/Household Manager. She says she enjoys cooking, laundry, childcare, providing hospitality to guests, administrative duties, valet services, home organization, coordinating social functions, and eldercare. In her free time she says she enjoys biking, walking, animals, traveling, arts and crafts, and attending concerts and movies. She states that she has excellent computer skills. She has nearly 3 years’ experience working part-time as a Household Manager and is now seeking full-time work. The largest house this woman has worked in 15,000 sq. ft along with 6 other employees. She seems to have a pleasant demeanor, strong work ethics, and a positive attitude, and she also seems quite trustworthy. She appears to be a wonderful candidate for a household requiring a youthful manager with boundless energy and ambition.  Applicant # OH0060315-2