Very Accomplished

Posted In: Administrative Household Managers, Personal Assistants, Estate Managers/Major domos

This accomplished 53-year-old woman is seeking a full-time position as an Estate Manager. She has been in the domestic industry for over 30 years and has worked as an Estate Manager for approximately 4 years. She says she enjoys cooking, food preparation, detailed and general housecleaning, laundry, ironing, casual and formal serving of food, staff supervision, pet care, organizing, growing flower and vegetable gardens, providing hospitality to guests, coordinating social functions and attending to administrative duties and running errands for her employer. She possesses an Associate’s Degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management, a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, and a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology along with being a State Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor. Her skills include general and detailed cleaning of a household, where she specializes in environmentally friendly cleaning products and procedures and performing laundry, ironing, and specialized wardrobe storage and care. She is also an accomplished cook who concentrates in ethnic, vegetarian, organic, specialty deserts and dietary-restricted meals. This women describes herself as “friendly, outgoing, an excellent communicator, detail oriented, kind and respectful”. She possesses a valid passport and is flexible with her work schedule and hours. It is evident to us that this woman is extremely intelligent and insightful, has a passion for helping people, and has a wonderfully pleasing personality. She seems to appreciate the domestic industry, especially managing households and implementing the culinary arts for her employers. She is seeking a challenging, long-term position where her keen organizational skills, as well as her desire to please, will be utilized to enhance a household. We believe she will be an outstanding addition to any staff.  Applicant #OH0080313