High Profile Employers

Posted In: Administrative Household Managers, Personal Assistants, Estate Managers/Major domos

This 56-year-old gentleman is seeking a position as an Estate Manager. He has had more than 26 years’ experience with high profile clients, such as celebrities, politicians and entrepreneurs. He has a bachelor’s degree in criminal law and has vast experience in the culinary arts. He is exceptionally skilled in organizing filing systems and computer data systems; keeping complex and ever-changing calendars; preparing household budgets; preparing detailed reports; setting up and maintaining inventories of art, furniture, and antiques, including purchases and sales; and scheduling of yachts and planes for charter and/or private use. He is extremely proficient with Microsoft Office and has created several complex computer programs for the efficient management of private homes. His housekeeping skills are superior, and he is often used as a consultant to train and instruct home staff. He is skilled in the care of fine art, furniture, fine linen, silver, china, and crystal. He is highly adept in the caring of fine garments and shoes and is also skilled in the organization of a dressing room and garment closet. He is practiced in the tasks of laundry, ironing and dry cleaning. He is also a talented a gourmet chef who has cooked for some of the world’s most notable political leaders, business men and women, and celebrities. He has been trained in formal service by a former First lady of the United States. Finally, he is highly skilled in the art of landscaping and has been involved in numerous landscaping projects, both on the east and west coasts as well as in desert and ocean environments. He enjoys cooking, the preparation of food, pet care, staff supervision, organizing, providing hospitality, coordinating social functions, computer work, performing administrative duties, and growing vegetable gardens. He describes himself as “approachable, friendly, confident, low key and intellectual.” He currently possesses a valid passport, is adaptable with his work schedule and hours, and is willing to relocate. This gentleman is extremely experienced and has trained in some of the most prestigious Estate Manager positions on both coasts of the United States. He is talented, knowledgeable and highly recommended by several of his previous employers. He is passionate his work and understands how to manage fast-paced, high-profile estates. He would be an outstanding addition to any household.  Applicant #OH0090313