Live-in Housekeeper

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33-year-old married woman is seeking a full-time Housekeeper position. She can work flexible hours and travel for her employer. She says she enjoys general and detail housecleaning, cooking, running errands, administrative duties, serving food and organization. She spent 2 1/2 years working part-time as a housecleaner for several homes, during which time she realized how much she enjoyed offering such services. She then began to expand the services she offered, and in May 2013 she opened her own housecleaning and personal assistant business. The services she provides include running errands, organizing, housecleaning, providing administrative support, and providing various personal assistant services. While she enjoys this work, she wants to pursue a full-time position with one family for more consistency. One of her current clients says, “[she] is a bright, energetic girl with a real passion for the business… she has a great eye for seeing what needs done, is very flexible with scheduling needs, thoughtful and trustworthy, and a self-starter.” We believe her passion for providing quality service could make her a great addition to any household.  Applicant #0090813