Personal Assistant Can Help You With All of Your Needs

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This applicant is seeking a Personal Assistant position. She was raised in private service; her father was an Estate Manager for a high-profile family in Cleveland, OH. Coming from a career in the events industry, she goes above and beyond for the people/organization she works for. She is seeking a long-term position with an employer that appreciates hard work and attention to detail. Her previous work experience includes being an event planner, marketing coordinator, and personal assistant for a production company. She has been responsible for every task imaginable to keep her employers’ and clients’ lives running smoothly and efficiently. As an events coordinator, she utilized her creativity to bring special occasions, conferences, and meetings to life through the food, table set-up, centerpieces, and décor. She met with vendors, suppliers, and website designers. She was in charge of handling budgets, accounts, and communication between involved parties. In addition to prep, she attended all events to provide quick solutions to arising problems and to ensure clients’ and guests’ satisfaction. As a personal assistant, she made weekly purchases for the company, recruited and trained employees and volunteers, attended meetings for her employer, obtained quotes from vendors and made final hiring decisions, obtained any necessary permits, wrote scripts for speakers when necessary, and designed promotional t-shirts. She has been trained in logistics planning, food presentation, budget management, time management, formal communication, and customer service. Her unrelenting organization is perfect for keeping records, errands, and schedules up-to-date and consistent. She has finely tuned skills, a polished appearance, and a professionalism that could be an asset to your home. Applicant #OH0100813