Willing to relocate Housekeeper/Household Manager

Posted In: Butlers, Household Managers, Housekeepers/cleaners

30-year-old single woman is seeking a Housekeeper/Household Manager position. She has been working in this capacity for almost 5 years. She says she enjoys cooking, food preparation, general and detail housecleaning, staff supervision, pet care, running errands for her employer, organizing, flower and vegetable gardening, nurturing houseplants, providing hospitality, coordinating social functions, computer work, and performing administrative duties.  She is willing to relocate anywhere on the East Coast or Florida and is flexible with her work schedule and hours. She is seeking a salary of $55,000 plus housing and is willing to relocate anywhere on the East Coast or Florida. This woman appears to have a wonderful personality, a strong work ethic and experience in all areas of the domestic field.  With her strong housecleaning skills, as well as her desire to please, we feel she will be an ideal addition to your home. Applicant #OH0110313