Professionally Trained & Experienced Married Couple seeking Wonderful Home to Care for

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53- and 51-year-old married (27 years) couple is seeking a full-time Couple position. She is a Certified Professional Household Manager who has just completed our Home Study program; he is an accomplished handyman. For a total of 9 years, she has owned her own cleaning business, and she has also worked part-time as office manager for her husband’s business. She also has previous experience as a surgical technician. He has owned his own pavement maintenance business since 1983. She says she enjoys housekeeping, organizing, laundry, running errands, and gardening. We have found her work in the Home Study program to be of high quality, and we have found her to be an enthusiastic student. He says he has experience with large power tools, machinery and large equipment, and all aspects of professional snow removal; he has experience as a field maintenance volunteer for a local high school; he owns two commercial lawn mowers and enjoys home lawn and landscape maintenance; and he is very comfortable with leaf blowers, edgers, trimmers, tillers, snow blowers, and chainsaws. We feel that their experience and enthusiasm, along with her professional training, could make them a strong Couple in many households.  Applicant # 0030216