Application Agreement

Professional Domestic Services & Institute

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  1. Our purpose is to find employment for qualified and experienced Applicants in positions that meet their level of experience and expertise. There is no fee to you for pursuing employment opportunities through Professional Domestic Services. Once your application has been approved, we will act as your agent in securing employment for you. When placed, you are the employee of the hiring client.
  2. You hereby agree you will not solicit any employment from our clients, for them or anyone else, without our knowledge. Upon acceptance of employment, you will at once notify Professional Domestic Services. If Applicant does not notify PDS, and PDS has not received benefit for service, you will be held liable for any payment due, as this is a service we provide to our clients for a fee. You will also agree not discuss to with anyone any interviews you have gone on or clients you have met, nor refer anyone who has not been interviewed or represented by Professional Domestic Services for any employment position available. You also agree and understand that should PDS seek collection of any portion of the fee for which you may be responsible, you agree to pay all costs of such collection, including court costs, attorney fees and interest at the rate of 2% per month until the entire fee has been paid.
  3. You do hereby give Professional Domestic Services the right to do a complete background check, at no cost to you (except for FBI reports if requested), in order to help them obtain employment.
  4. You hereby authorize and request every person, firm, company, corporation, governmental agency, court, credit reporting agency, financial institution, employer, police department, motor vehicle department, licensing agency, school, college, university, and any other association or institution having control of any documents, records and other information pertaining to you, furnish to Professional Domestic Services, or its designated agents any such information, credit reports, background reviews, employment records, including documents, records, files regarding charges or complaints filed against you, formal or informal, pending or closed, or any other pertinent data, and permit Professional Domestic Services or any of its agents to inspect and make copies of such documents, records and other information. This authorization is given pursuant to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 U.S.C. 1681b(b)(2)(B). You further authorize Professional Domestic Services to furnish to interested employers and their authorized agents a report regarding the accuracy of the statements you have made in your application for employment.
  5. Except as otherwise prohibited by law, you hereby release, discharge, exonerate and agree not to sue Professional Domestic Services, its agents, representatives, independent contractors, officers, directors and shareholders, and any person so furnishing information from and for any and all claims, liabilities, rights, expenses, demands, causes of action and actions of any nature whatsoever arising out of or related to the furnishing of information or inspection of documents, records and other information and the investigation made by Professional Domestic Services, whether such information, documents or records are provided directly to Professional Domestic Services or its agents by you or obtained independently by Professional Domestic Services or its agents on your behalf.You will not tell any potential employer (secured by your own resources) that you have filled out our application, or that you may be registered with our agency, nor use us as a reference without our written permission or the payment of said services. Verification will be provided to potential employers for all students who have completed our State Certified Program for the Professional Household Manager.
  6. By law, you cannot be required to answer any questions in Section II until you have been placed. However, this information could prove helpful in finding potential employment for you should you choose to provide it.
  7. In the event you breach or violate any of the promises, agreements, or statements set forth herein, you shall be responsible for any and all damages incurred by PDS, including but not limited to, loss of business, attorney fees, costs and expenses incurred by PDS in enforcing the Agreements made herein.
  8. You acknowledge you have received a copy of this agreement. (please make a copy if necessary)

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