Applicants: Administrative Household Managers, Personal Assistants, Estate Managers/Major domos

Gentleman Household Manager

57-year-old single man is seeking a full-time Household Manager position. He can work flexible hours and travel for his employer. He says he enjoys general and detail housecleaning, providing dining service (both formal and casual), running errands, providing hospitality, laundry, and …Read More

Hands-on Household Manager

55-year-old divorced woman is seeking a Household Manager position. She has been working in this capacity for nearly 5 years.  She enjoys food preparation, general cleaning, ironing, providing casual and formal dining service, staff supervision, pet care, computer work, performing administrative duties, …Read More

Personal Assistant/Household Manager

This applicant, who has been a Personal Assistant/Household Manager her entire career, specializes in making her employer’s life easier. She was with one family for 14 years. She has experience in administrative tasks, housekeeping, clothing care, organizing special occasions and fundraising events, …Read More

Mature Personal Assistant/Household Manager

This 56-year-old single woman is seeking a Personal Assistant/Household Manager position. She loves the daily challenges of being a PA/HM. She finds she never gets bored and enjoys problem solving. Her experience has been in long-term positions with several high-profile people in …Read More

Household/Estate Manager now Available

This 51-year-old married gentleman is seeking a Household / Estate Manager position. He has worked in the domestic industry for more than 13 years and possesses a Business/Estate Management certificate.  He says he enjoys general and detailed housecleaning, laundry, ironing, chauffeuring, valet …Read More

Mature Gentleman seeking an Estate/Household/Property Manager.

This 56-year-old married (for 35 years) gentleman, seeking an Estate/Household/Property Manager position. He seems to enjoy and be efficient at everything. Some of these duties and skills include housecleaning, cooking, serving meals, running errands, supervising staff, performing administrative duties and valet services, …Read More

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