Applicants: Butlers, Household Managers, Housekeepers/cleaners

Employment Opportunities

Positions change daily and are not always posted.  Please make sure that you are on file with us?  

MIT of Domestic Training

Professional Domestic Services & Institute uses an actual home that serves as a training ground for preparing individuals to care for a home of wealth.  It is furnished with everything that could be found in a home that they might …Read More

What Makes our Training Special

Questions to ask yourself when considering training: Do you have the qualifications that a wealthy employer expects from you? Just researching online will not make you an excellent employee. You must have the experience of doing the things required. Having …Read More

Household/Estate Manager, Personal Assistant

This married (together 19 years, married 3) 53-year-old gentleman is seeking a Household Manager position. He has worked in the household service profession for 21 years. He enjoys cooking, food prep, general housecleaning, casual and formal dining service, chauffeuring, organizing, …Read More

New Generation Housecleaner/Childcare Provider

Housecleaner currently located in Michigan is willing to relocate anywhere.  She is 25 years old and does not smoke or drink and has a current passport.  She enjoys general & detail housecleaning, administrative duties, organization, cake decorating, childcare, and caring …Read More

Live-Out Housecleaner West Chicago only

36-year-old engaged woman is seeking a full-time live-out Housecleaner position in West Chicago only. She has four children ranging in ages from 10 to 19 and does not smoke. She has been working part-time as a Housekeeper since 2012, and …Read More

Live-in Housekeeper

33-year-old married woman is seeking a full-time Housekeeper position. She can work flexible hours and travel for her employer. She says she enjoys general and detail housecleaning, cooking, running errands, administrative duties, serving food and organization. She spent 2 1/2 years …Read More

We have more applicants available…we just need to understand your needs/location in order to present them.