Applicants: Nannies/Governesses

New Generation Housecleaner/Childcare Provider

Housecleaner currently located in Michigan is willing to relocate anywhere.  She is 25 years old and does not smoke or drink and has a current passport.  She enjoys general & detail housecleaning, administrative duties, organization, cake decorating, childcare, and caring …Read More

Live-in Nanny/Household Manager with 15 years experience!

This 41-year-old single but committed woman is seeking a Nanny/Household Manager position. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in counseling to add depth to her already established knowledge and experience as a Nanny/Governess. She has 15 years of nanny experience …Read More

Mature Household Manager/Nanny/Cook willing to relocate

57-year-old divorced woman is seeking a full-time Household Manager/Nanny/Cook position. She says she has been working in private homes for 37 years. She says she enjoys general and detail housecleaning, cooking, laundry, organizing, flower and vegetable gardening, caring for house plants, chauffeuring, …Read More

Eager to Please Household Manager/Nanny

36-year-old married woman is seeking a Household Manager/Nanny position. She enjoys food prep, detailed and general housecleaning, laundry, formal serving of food, pet care, running errands for her employer, organizing, caring for house plants, growing flower gardens, providing hospitality and …Read More

We have more applicants available…we just need to understand your needs/location in order to present them.