On-Site Evaluations


  • You have never employed household staff in your home, but would like to do so now
  • You have recently moved into a much larger home
  • You have a different vision of your home’s operation

…our On-Site Evaluation is exactly what you need!

How an On-Site Evaluation Will Help You

clientinfo2An On-Site Evaluation will allow you to collaborate with one of Professional Domestic Services’ highly experienced management staff in order to recognize your service wants and needs, determine your vision for your home’s operation and management, and produce a plan of action to achieve the household service you desire.

If you own multiple residences, an On-Site Evaluation will be a valuable tool in helping you establish continuity with high-level service between all homes.

Our placement personnel normally rely on your descriptions of your home and your explanations of what you wish to have accomplished in your home. However, from On-Site Evaluations comes a better understanding of your home, your lifestyle, and your wants, needs, and expectations. That kind of understanding enables our staff to select the best possible candidates for your household positions in many ways.

When we describe your household to potential employees, we will be able to delve into details that may not have occurred to you to provide to us, but which could prove essential to interested candidates. Also, our first-hand knowledge of your household will allow us to more effectively sift through candidates who are not qualified for your position, thus saving you the time and expense of interviewing such applicants.

Better placements mean longer-term relationships with your staff, a home cared for according to your standards and vision, and the service style you value… which means fewer disappointments and fewer costly staff turnovers!

How On-Site Evaluations Work

During an evaluation, one of our Management Staff will travel to your home. Upon arrival (usually in the afternoon), the consultant will discuss with you your vision of your home’s operation and management. After this discussion, the consultant will then tour your household and interview any staff (if necessary) the next day.

What will the Management Staff look for? They will look at how your home functions, whether it is designed to serve you or meet your expectations. Specifically, they will look at how your staff meets those needs in the following categories, with sample questions provided here:

  • Administrative. How are the household records organized, and could they be organized better? Are they filed in such a way as to promote your ease of access? How are communications between you and your staff handled? How is purchasing conducted? Are your staff’s purchases meeting your standards? Are you interested in creating an inventory system? What type would work best for your home?
  • Cleaning. Is your staff cleaning everything to your satisfaction? Are the cleaning tasks you want done every day being completed? Does your staff use checklists or task sheets to keep them on track? Do they need “Cheat Sheets”? Are they managing their time wisely? Using the “proper” products? Are they professional in their appearance?
  • Care of Clothing and Linens. Is laundry being completed in a timely manner? Are the laundry room, clothing closets, and clothing drawers organized for maximum efficiency? Does the linen closet look as though it stepped from the pages of a Neiman-Marcus catalog? Are linens hand-ironed and folded as attractively as you would like?Employment
  • Entertaining. Is your staff providing the sort of dining service you require? Are they well-versed in formal serving and table setting techniques? Are they able to provide the planning services for social functions you need—whether you want them to do all the planning or schedule all the necessary professionals?
  • Food. Is your Chef providing the types of meals you enjoy? Are the kitchen cupboards and pantry organized in order to promote maximum efficiency? Does your Chef operate in other functions around your house, and do these functions interfere with one another?
  • Outer Grounds/Property. Are certain problems—such as burned out light bulbs, pet messes, dead leaves on plants and flowers—taken care of immediately? Are landscaping and repair tools put away immediately following their use? Do tools have a well-organized, central location?
  • Security. Is your staff mindful of overall security issues? Have you given too much responsibility for security to staff that aren’t specially trained?
  • Travel/Transportation. Are your automobiles kept clean and well-maintained? Does the staff in charge of making travel arrangements for you ensure that you stay in your favorite hotels and eat at your favorite restaurants whenever possible? Does your staff prepare detailed itineraries for you and take care of gifts to whomever they are appropriate?
  • Pampering. Does your staff provide special niceties that make your life more peaceful and enjoyable? For example, do you enjoy fresh-squeezed orange juice daily? Do you always have food in the refrigerator to enjoy over the weekend? Are shampoo bottles, salt shakers, etc. always full?
  • Child Care (if handled by staff). Are your discipline methods being adhered to? Are the limits you have set being met?
  • Elder Care (if handled by staff). Are their needs being met? Is their quality of life as rich as possible?
  • Pets (if handled by staff). Are your pets being cared for the way you want them to be?

The answers to these questions will be invaluable in preparing a plan of action in order to assist your staff in providing you with the high level of quality service you want, especially in distinguished, expansive, and/or multiple homes and estates. The visit normally takes 1½ days. If you own more than one home, separate On-Site Evaluations for each home are recommended.

The Report

Within 10 days of the visit, you will receive a written report that suggests a plan of action for you and your staff. This report should answer all your questions and more; it will also give you and/or your staff specific recommendations for how you can bring about changes. These may include:

  • The number and type staff you may want to employ.
  • Training options for any current staff.
  • Suggested position descriptions for each staff, with responsibilities.
  • Organizational changes you may want to consider.
  • Any products or services that may be valuable to you in the management of your home.

Plus any other pertinent observations made by the Management Staff while conducting the evaluation that would prove invaluable to the homeowner.

Do I Need an On-Site Evaluation?

We strongly recommend an On-Site Evaluation if you answer “no” to more than 3 of the following questions:

  • Can you envision the service style you want to see in your home and know exactly how to bring it about?
  • Do you know how your needs will change, now that you are moving to a larger home?
  • Do you receive the service you desire from your household staff?
  • Do you know how many staff you need/will need in order to receive the service you desire?
  • Is your current staff cross-trained, so that no one is inconvenienced in case of vacation or illness?
  • Does your staff use their time efficiently and get everything accomplished as they should?
  • Does your household contain a Household Manager’s Reference Book listing vendors, contractors, and other individuals and professionals you need to keep your home running smoothly?
  • Does your staff have at their disposal “Cheat Sheets” containing schedules of cleaning tasks to be performed daily, weekly, monthly, etc. for the best possible management of their time?
  • Does your staff work from “Day in the Life of” schedules that provide descriptions of tasks that must be completed each day?
  • Is your staff aware of your expectations for your home?
  • Does your home have an Employee Manual that provides policies for your home?
  • Do you have your staff sign Confidentiality or Employment Agreements when they are hired?
  • Do you have set standards for your staff concerning clothing, hygiene, and overall appearance?
  • Has your staff been provided with professional training?

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