On-Site Instruction is Available at your Location or Ours

For the client who has specific needs or requires updating and/or “fine-tuning” of their employee’s skills, we offer on-site instruction for their employees at the employer’s home.

onsite3Professional Domestic Services can provide this custom service to meet your individual requirements or specific needs. This might include improving the care of your home or property, improving employee efficiency or time management, selecting items of quality for the employer’s home, or providing graciousness in serving techniques for fine dining or entertaining.

We also offer personal instruction for the employer or their family in Fine Dining and European Dining Techniques; Business or Formal Entertaining; Management of Household Staff, etc.

For a more structured training program, you may also have your employee attend Professional Domestic Institute. The employee can be enrolled in a full 4, 8 or 12 week course, or for a specific course of study for one week or more. Please contact our office for additional information.

Many of our clients find the following areas of instruction to be very informative for their household staff:

Detail Household Cleaning

Proper Care & Handling of Crystal, Ceramics, Silver, Books, etc.

Conservation Methods

Valet Services, Clothing Care & Ironing

Luxury Bedmaking, Sheet Ironing & Folding

Cupboard & Closet Organization

Household Organization & Time Management

Low-Fat Cooking, Food Presentation & Food Safety

Household Inventory

Employer Pampering Skills

Presenting A More Professional Image

Staff Supervision

Business & Formal Dining (Presentation & Serving)

Business & Formal Teas

Maintaining a Household Management Book

Household Protocol & Etiquette

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