Estate Manager/Administrative Household Manager/Personal Assistant

4 Week Certificate Program Course Description

Professional Domestic Services was the first to develop the Estate Manager/Administrative Household Manager/Personal Assistant Program.  This 3 week program ($7,500) will provide training to develop a higher standard of administration, supervision, and high-level management of a wealthy estate in order to provide World Class Service.  This training will allow  you to take your career to the next level. This intensive program requires computer proficiency and the level of commitment and determination necessary for success as an administrative manager. Responsibilities may include caring for multiple homes while providing continuity between properties, staff management, conservation practices, supervising renovations, and offering wealthy and powerful families a higher level of sophistication in purchasing.  We are now in our 27th year of teaching this program to students, in which they are required to expand upon their current abilities in utilizing the PDI Management System.


Topics  to Include: 

  • Understanding the needs of the Ultra-Wealthy Family
  • What files are important in managing their home and property? What files does the Chef need to maintain; the housekeeper; chauffeur; security; landscaper, etc.
  • Maintenance records for the home/s; maintenance records for vehicles (for land, water and air)
  • Creating and Maintaining a Household Manager’s Book ; inventory records; instructional manuals, vendor contacts, maintenance records, etc.
  • Payroll; Employee records; vacation schedules
  • Supervising staff and handling difficult issues
  • Using the Smart Phone to communicate with your home
  • Understanding the Smart Home
  • Home Security
  • Purchasing for the Wealthy
  • Making International & National travel arrangements
  • Major construction projects
  • Choosing & Working with Vendors & Contractors


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