Estate Housekeeping

2-3 Week Certificate Program Course Description

In completing our Estate Housekeeping Program, you will be given the tools to provide the highest level of home care and organization, while maintaining the professional presence appreciated by wealthy families. We offer this in a 1  ($2,500) and 2  ($3,500) week course.   For the benefit of our students we offer a real home to practice their skills in,  using the finest equipment and supplies in order to learn how to care for antique and more recent European & American artwork; fine dining linens (American, English, French, and Irish) and Italian bed linens; fine china, crystal, and service pieces; over 20 Oriental rugs; “top-of-the-line” furniture and appliances; and a library with over  2000 books in order to “fine-tune” their skills on.  This course should raise your cleaning abilities to the next level.

In our Professional Household Managment Program this 4 week program ($6,500) will prepare you for becoming the professional that you need to be.
Professional Dynamics: This course will provide you with a better understanding of how to succeed in professional household service of the rich and famous. Included in this course are the ideals of appearance, conduct, and principles.

Topics Include:

  • Employee/Employer Relationships
  • Pampering Skills for your Employer
  • Day in the Life of…
  • Defining “World Class Service”
  • Creating a Proper Presence
General Studies: This course provides information on many topics that Estate Housekeepers will find essential to their careers.

Topics Include:

  • The Ultimate Care in Maintaining a Home of Quality
  • PDI System for Household Cleaning
  • Selecting and Using proper Cleaning Tools and Products
  • Going “Green” (New)
  • Proper Care of Marble, Granite, and Other Natural Materials
  • Home Organization & Maintaining Beautiful Rooms
  • American & European Luxury Bed Making
  • Swimming Pool & Spa Care
  • Conservation of Fine Arts & Furnishings
  • Libraries & Books
  • Clothing Care
  • Valet Services, Packing & Unpacking for Travel
  • Flowers, Plants & Bulbs
  • Estate Care
Home Care: To broaden and enhance your experience as much as possible, this course provides the backbone of the Estate Housekeeping Program. It offers hands-on practice and information on a multitude of topics relating to the cleaning and care of a wealthy home.

Topics Include:

  • The Ultimate Care in Maintaining a Home of Quality
  • PDI System of Household Cleaning
  • Selecting & Using Proper Cleaning Tools & Products
  • Going “Green”
  • Proper Care of Marble, Granite & Other Natural Materials