Professional Household Manager/Butler Certificate Program

4 Week Certificate Program Course Description

Students in our 4-week Certified Professional Household Management Program learn how to use the PDI Management System. This system teaches World Class Service, which allows you to systematically care for the home and family of the rich and famous from the ground up. The program teaches you how to adapt this service to different styles of homes and family structures. You will also be able to recognize your own strengths and weaknesses while embarking on a voyage of self-discovery and utilizing your newly acquired abilities to best serve a wealthy, powerful family. Graduates should be able to create the professional presence appreciated by families nationwide while incorporating the attitudes and lifestyles of affluent individuals and families into the service they provide.

Professional Dynamics: This course will provide you with a better understanding of how to succeed in professional household service of the rich and famous. Included in this course are the ideals of appearance, conduct, and principles.

Topics Include:

  • Household Service as a Career
  • Code of Ethics
  • Employer/Employee Relationships
  • Staff Responsibilities
  • Day in the Life of…
  • Defining World Class service
  • Creating a Proper Presence
  • Boundaries and Work Ethics
  • Confidentiality
  • Understand the Family
  • Pampering Skills for Your Employer
  • Household Manager’s Reference Book & Household Repair and Maintenance Schedule Manual
General Studies: This course provides information essential to household management.

Topics Include:

  • Manners, Etiquette & Protocol
  • Guests & Your Responsibilities
  • Environmental Issues & the Home
  • Pets & Their Care
  • Family and Home Safety & Security
  • Assistance to Senior/Those with Disabilities
  • Understanding Homes & Families of Wealth
  • Interviews, Resumes & Employment Agreements
  • Employment Issues
Home Care: This course provides an in-depth guide with hands-on practice and information on multitudes of topics relating to the care of a wealthy home, whether you are cleaning or supervising other cleaners.

Topics Include:

  • The Ultimate Care in Maintaining a Home of Quality
  • PDI System for Household Cleaning
  • Selecting and Using proper Cleaning Tools and Products
  • Going “Green” (New)
  • Proper Care of Marble, Granite, and Other Natural Materials
  • Home Organization & Maintaining Beautiful Rooms
  • American & European Luxury Bed Making
  • Swimming Pool & Spa Care
  • Conservation of Fine Arts & Furnishings
  • Libraries & Books
  • Clothing Care
  • Valet Services, Packing & Unpacking for Travel
  • Flowers, Plants & Bulbs
  • Estate Care
Wine, Home Entertaining & the Ballet of Service: This course will give the student hands-on preparation in the fine art of formal serving, preparing place settings, dining etiquette, event planning, and caring for fine dining accessories. It will also show the student how to design a beautiful table and how to serve formal teas.

Topics Include:

  • The Art of Fine Dining
  • Setting a Table According to Menu Served
  • Dining Manners & Protocol
  • Fine Dining Accessories & Quality Care for Fine Dining Accessories
  • Creative Tablescapes
  • Formal Teas
  • Event Planning & Working with Caterers
  • Styles of Entertainment
  • Understanding Wines & Serving Techniques


Culinary Studies: This course offers students hands-on opportunities for food preparation as well as selection and storage to provide the ultimate in epicurean experiences for their employers.

Topics Include:

  • Culinary Standards
  • Food & Kitchen Safety
  • Kitchen Organization
  • Nutrition & Healthy Cooking
  • Product Identification
  • Food Purchasing – Fresh and Organic
  • Food Storage
  • Menu Planning
  • Comfort Foods
  • Family Favorite Menus
  • Cooking Classes