Employment Opportunities


Columbus, Ohio, Utah and Florida

How would you enjoy working in different locations?  Living accommodations are provided in Utah and Florida and would prefer that you live-out in Ohio.  This couple would like for someone who knows how to care for a very wealthy home, i.e., fine fabrics & furnishings, different stones and marbles, silver, able to work independently, knows what chemicals should be used for cleaning, laundry, and ironing of clothing & linens, time management, organization, and purchasing abilities.  Depending upon experience salary would be $60,000 to $80,000 plus benefits.  Please contact Professional Domestic Services 614.565.5043 for information, or send your resume for consideration to info@housestaff.net

Household Manager/Cleaner

Columbus, Ohio, Utah and Florida

Household Manager is needed to work to be part of a team with the above person position. Responsibilities for this position will include some cleaning, cooking, setting formal tables with the coordination of centerpieces, china, linens, silver, and formal services of meals.  Able to anticipate the employer’s wants and needs, good computer skills and administrative abilities, able to maintain the employer’s personal calendar, chauffeuring if needed, overseeing housecleaner and helping with any special projects.  Training would be valued.  Depending upon experience salary would be $70,000 to $90,000 plus benefits.  Please contact Professional Domestic Services 614.565.5043 for information, or send your resume for consideration to info@housestaff.net

Personal Assistant

Minneapolis, MN

Personal Assistant is needed for the Lady-of-the-House.  This LL adult household finds their home to be an older 10,000 sq. ft. home which is always going under some type of renovation which will require some attention from you.  Other responsibilities will include travel reservations, travel itineraries, keeping the family calendar and providing a daily print off, purchases/returns, errands, and anything else she might need help in.  Other staff is also employed in this home.  Experience is required.  Please submit your resume to Professional Domestic Services & Institute at  info@housestaff.net


Wellesley MA

New contract coming in.  If you are experienced and are interested please be the first to contact us about this wonderful opportunity.

Home Health Care

Mason, Ohio

Live-out Woman (35 to 55) with a pleasant personality and neat appearance is needed to provide care for home and retired lady and her healthy mother who has dementia. Responsibilities will include light cleaning, providing care for mother, some cooking, and laundry. No smoking permitted. You need at least 2-5 years experience in home health care. Most meals will include breakfast and lunch with few dinners. May need to walk the dog on occasion. Needs to be cordial with her mother, and to patiently try and have conversations with her. Her mother likes to keep to herself so she may have to seek her out on occasion. This is a long-term position. Most hours are 7 am to 4 pm with some flexible hours, Monday thru Friday. No shopping or paperwork required. Must be able to keep shopping lists. Two weeks vacation after your first year of employment. Live-in or out.  Job Type: Full-time.  Salary: $50,000.00 to $60,000.00 /year.


Davison, Michigan

A genuinely exciting and rare opportunity for an experienced and ambitious Head/Sole Gardener to join a developing private estate in Mid-Michigan (75 miles north of Detroit). The site of approximately 35 acres is currently undergoing a substantial redevelopment at the hands of a talented and visionary designer.  The project is in the early state of development, so the new Head Gardener will join at a time where their involvement will be valuable and rewarding in equal measure.  A generous salary, use of a truck, and a superb newly-refurbished cottage awaits the successful applicant. The cottage that is offered has two bedrooms, 2.5 baths and has been newly re-burnished to a very high standard.  All utilities along with cable TV will be provided.  You may bring your pets, subject to owner’s approval, but no children.  We would consider the possibility of employing a couple.

The stunning garden has expansive views over rolling farm land and mature spruce trees to the rear, and by contrast will have a contemporary brimming water feature, formal and informal gardens with wild flower meadows, a vegetable garden, fire pit and sun-downer seating area.  The design also includes a large formal pond, a 65,000 gallon Koi pond, and a woodland garden.  Once complete, the garden will be a very impressive and diverse space.

The successful applicant will have significant input in the development of the site in terms of overall design implementation, planting, after-care and ongoing management.  The privately owned estate will not be open to the public, but will require excellent attention to detail at all times.  The successful candidate will also have input in terms of gardening assistance as the site develops, however, existing assistance is provided by way of part-time unskilled gardeners, to which you will be required to provide direction.  A proportion of the job will involve working as a Sole Gardener at times.

Applicants must be very experienced and skilled Senior or Head Gardeners with a demonstrable ability to manage Under Gardeners in a private estate setting. Applicants should have a degree in horticultural. Spray certificates are desired.  The successful candidate must be capable of looking after a large private estate garden as a Sole Gardener as well as managing skilled or unskilled assistants when required.

We want to thank you for your interest shown in this vacancy.  Other staff is employed on the property.

Live-out Chef

Beaver Lake, MN

Chef needed with experience in ketogenic dietary food preparation.  This is a full-time in-home position.  Please send resume for consideration to Professional Domestic Services & Institute, info@housestaff.net

Live-in Household Manager or Couple

Michigan and Florida

Senior couple with two German Shepherds are seeking a hands-on household manager/cleaner/cook. This position can be filled by a single woman household manager or a married couple. Summer months by the lake in Michigan, and winter months in the warmth of Florida. This is a wonderful couple who are in good health and very active. Responsibilities will also include helping to plan social activities, shopping, administrative responsibilities, the hiring of contractors. making travel arrangements, packing of clothing, cooking, etc. 5 day work week. Accommodations and meals provided with excellent salary and benefits. Previous experience required. Please send resume for consideration


We have two couple positions coming in next week and we are in need of individuals with experience, who are seeking new employment. Please send your resume to info@housestaff.net

New Position to be Posted Here Soon


Currently, we represent positions for Administration House Managers, Hands-on Household Managers, Personal Assistants, Butlers, Estate Housecleaners,  Housecleaners, Laundresses and other staff. If we do not have the position you are currently seeking…you never know what will come in tomorrow.  Are you going to be prepared  and are  you qualified?

Providing World Class Service...

Your career is worth investing in!

For as long as Professional Domestic Services & Institute has been operating (nearly 30 years now!), we have talked with potential applicants who have taken care of their own home for many years and believe this qualifies them to work in a home of wealth.

These individuals often are very hard-working and have delightful personalities, and nothing would make us happier than to be able to represent them. Unfortunately, more often than not, this is not possible.

Now more than ever, household employers are holding their potential household staff to very strict standards.

They want people who are able to multitask efficiently and have many strong skills and abilities. They want a good work history (meaning many years of experience with each family worked for), and previous experience and/or professional training.

And they especially want someone who is familiar with taking care of possessions like theirs, someone whom they can entrust not to ruin one of their precious belongings.

In an upscale home, here is just a hint of what you will find that require special care:

• Fine china & crystal
• Quality linens
• Gold fixtures
• Crystal chandeliers
• Expensive antique Oriental rugs
• Antiques & collectibles
• Marble countertops and/or floors

You’ll also need to know and understand:

• Manners & protocol
• How smart homes operate
• Confidentiality and home security

When you are caring for another’s property, you have to be at least twice as careful as when you are caring for your own home. Not only is this simple common courtesy, but also many items in a wealthy home can be damaged if they are not cared for properly.

Another part of being a Housekeeper in a home of wealth is initiating pampering skills. A household employer should never have to ask for anything. A professional Housekeeper learns how to anticipate an employer’s wants and needs, so that they are offered before an employer has to ask for them.

Household employees need to learn a family’s preferences so that they can make the home look and run exactly as the family desires.

This is the kind of knowledge and experience you must have to work in a home of wealth. If you don’t have it, this is where Professional Domestic Institute comes in.

Can’t afford either the money or the time to commit to weeks of school? Consider investing in a Home Study Program that allows you to embark on PDI coursework at your own pace at a fraction of the cost of PDI training. We also offer one-on-one private training as well as special courses throughout the year, if you need only to upgrade your skills.

We cannot stress it enough: in this economy, having the most flexible skill set possible is your biggest weapon in finding the position you would like.

Invest in yourself — you’re worth it!

Visit our website and click the “Training” tab to learn more about what PDI offers. And then, give us a call at 614.565.5043 to discuss how our training can benefit you!