Helpful Hints

January 2016 Helpful Hints
A New Beginning
Starting a New Position or a New Employee Starting a new job is stressful in itself. When one combines starting a new job with relocation, particularly if the relocation is more than an hour or so away, the stress can be even greater. Not only does one need to concern him or herself with performing well in a new employment situation, but s/he also has to acclimate to an entirely new area, where s/he may have no friends, family, or ties of any sort.

Consider that a person moving for a new household position must: Become accustomed to a new area, perhaps even a completely different part of the country
• Make new friendships
• Establish new connections within his/her community
• Find activities and locations where s/he can distress from the day
• Become acquainted with an employer’s preferences and needs
• Become efficient and effective in learning their new responsibilities

An individual or family who has hired someone who relocated to the area should recognize that it might take the new employee time to get used to all the changes in his/her life, in addition to the time it will take to become accustomed to his/her employers’ wants and needs. Some extra patience may be required!

Meanwhile, the new employee should be astute and resourceful enough to figure out ways of coping with a new environment. We believe that no person moving to a new area should be without the following:
• Voice mail
• Cell phone (these two may be combined)
• DVD player/recorder
• GPS navigational system
• Wireless laptop

Once upon a time (many years ago…and far, far, away), Ms. Scudere would not have included the GPS navigational system. However, a PDI student had one, and when he took it with them on an outing, it spoiled her!

Not all cars are equipped with GPS navigational systems; however, many portable models are available, and nearly all smartphones these days are equipped with GPS. These work all across the United States as well as in many other countries when loaded with the proper software.

Recognize that starting a new job and relocating to a new area are stressful events, and give yourself-or your new employee-time to ease into it!

2015 Helpful Hints
Crucial Attitudes of Professional Household Staff
Every member of a professional household staff must maintain the right attitudes in order to be successful. Overall a household service provider should have what we refer to as a “service attitude,” but this comprises several smaller attitudes. Carrying these attitudes will make your job more rewarding and will make you indispensable to your employers.

A Can-Do Spirit Every reasonable request from your employers should be met with a cheerful “yes, sir!” or “yes, ma’am!” It doesn’t matter if the request isn’t in your job description. “That’s not my job” is the exact opposite of the proper response. Whether the request is to take care of dirty dishes or bring in the empty trash bins on trash day or to get rid of the hornets’ nest by the front door, the response should always be “Absolutely,” with no questions asked.

A Pampering Spirit Even adults — one might even say *especially* adults — enjoy being pampered. That means doing anything you can to make your employer’s life easier, as well as that of their family. Bringing refreshing drinks throughout the day, offering a supportive ear when one needs to vent, preparing special treats for them for over the weekend, turning down the bed in the evening, providing fresh-cut flowers for the dining room table…whatever you can do to make a day more enjoyable, more enriched. Your employers will feel truly taken care of, and you’ll feel the warm glow of a job performed to its utmost.

A Patient Spirit Performing household service for another family can be one of the most trying tasks out there. It can be tough work to adjust your own standards and expectations to meet those of someone else. Plus, those standards and expectations can change, often without warning. All of this means that without patience, success as a service provider will be difficult to achieve. If your motive isn’t to help make someone else’s life easier and more enjoyable, all hope may be lost. But if you remind yourself that this is your ultimate goal, patience will become much easier. Remind yourself that your employers are only human, and humans aren’t perfect.

With a can-do spirit, a pampering spirit, and a patient spirit, you will find your work as a household service provider to be more enjoyable, more rewarding, and more likely to be long-term and mutually satisfying.