History of Professional Domestic Institute

Carol Scudere founded the International Institute of Household Management and Staffing upon realizing that so many household employees want to better themselves and the quality of care they provide, but are hindered by time constraints and immediate employer needs. As the Director of Professional Domestic Institute for almost three decades, Ms. Scudere has spoken to an innumerable amount of prospective students who desperately wish to expand or improve their skills but are unable to attend a program. Their reasons are many and range from the fact that their employer simply cannot survive without their presence, to the fact that they cannot afford to take off work while attending and paying for a formal education.

The necessity for remaining in the home to care for an employer is understandable. It is also understandable that an employer doesn’t want to, or can’t, be without an employee for an extended period of time. Yet these same employers want their employees to improve their skills and abilities in order to be the most knowledgeable household employee possible. There has to be a middle ground.

The International Institute of Household Management and Staffing is that middle ground. It is a home study program that finally puts Household Manager Certification within reach of these household employees. No longer will they have to know that they could do better if only they had the training…

The International Institute of Household Management and Staffing provides its home study students with various aspects of the custom created and designed materials used daily in the educational program of Professional Domestic Institute. The latest research material, techniques, procedures, and equipment are utilized by the instructors, which in turn allow them to provide the students with the most up to date information possible, and those trade secrets everyone wants to learn.

The International Institute of Household Management and Staffing builds upon the strengths and successes of Professional Domestic Institute and goes one step further. It takes the accomplishments of PDI and offers them to the multitudes who can study in the privacy of their own home and at their own pace. The International Institute of Household Management and Staffing is not confined by classroom hours and allows access to materials 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They utilize a top-notch instructional system that includes:

  • Over 2,000 pages of copyrighted text materials, with photos, written especially for household staff serving “Today’s Homes & Families”
  • Custom designed CD/Rom files to assist in the management of 21st Century Homes
  • Text books, as written by top professionals, that no home should be without
  • Instructional videos and DVD’s
  • Personal communication with professional instructors

The experience behind the staff and instructors of The International Institute of Household Management and Staffing combines to provide home study students with the answers to those hard questions, secrets of the trade, and the knowledge of well-informed professionals.

Aside from the benefit to those who wish to improve themselves by obtaining Certification, the materials can be purchased by an employer and utilized in the home over and over again. Each new employee can be trained on these materials. Imagine the comfort in knowing that as an employer, you are assured of attaining the highest level of excellence possible from each trained employee.

The International Institute of Household Management and Staffing has the experience and the knowledge to train some of the most professional household employees.


Professional Domestic Services & Institute