Household Staffing Applicants Available

Professional Domestic Services represents the best in the industry. We evaluate and examine our candidates on every dimension of private service to find the perfect candidate for your specific household, with its unique characteristics and unique needs.

Do you need a private chef that also supervises staff? Do you need a household manager that has specific knowledge of landscaping, construction and repairs? Do you need a housekeeper that is also qualified to care for your children? Or do you want someone that has been dedicated to fine-tuning and becoming an expert in a specific area? No matter your needs, we will find you someone that fits your home environment, your lifestyle, and your personality perfectly.

Check out some of our candidates below to get a feel of how our applicants can become the newest member of your household staff.


Please click on a link to see a current list of some of our applicants available in each area of service…we have hundred’s more, and many are capable of having the qualifications for many different titles.