Is Household Service Right Profession for You?

EmploymentIs Household Service the Right Profession for You?

Time: 9:00 am to noon
Limited class size; must pre-register.

Cost is $60 and includes refreshments.  MasterCard and Visa accepted.  No cancellations or refunds.  Call Professional Domestic Services & Institute at 614.565.5043 for a reservation in this limited size class.

Are you pondering whether the household service profession is a good choice for you? This class will answer some of the following questions and more:

• Are there different types of Household Management, and what are their responsibilities?
• What type of salary can you expect?
• Experience or training required?
• Should you update my skills, and how?
• How can you find a position that will pay you what you feel you are worth?
• What are the different types of training available?
• What types of positions are currently available around the country?
• Live-in or live-out?
This is a great, risk-free way to learn more about the household service profession and get a start on your goals for the new year. Call us today at 614.565.5043!


I’m considering changing careers to break into Estate Management.  Are you aware of any Professional Household Management training programs that would help me launch my next career as an Estate Manager?

The Administrative Household Manager/Personal Assistant/Estate Manager program at Professional Domestic Institute is exactly what you need!

We have seen first-hand the benefits our graduates have received. We have seen these benefits not only to those with no experience whatsoever in the profession, but also to those who have worked in private household service for years. We have seen our graduates go on to highly rewarding careers, and we have seen experienced graduates increase their earning potential beyond what they had thought possible.

Training proves commitment. Any career change requires courage and commitment. When you finally decide to enroll–and beyond that, actually complete the program you have chosen–it shows the depth of your commitment. Most household employers are impressed that you are committed to your career to the extent that you have invested significant quantities of your time, energy, and finances into it. A committed employee-in-training usually becomes a committed employee.

Training provides invaluable practice with minimal risk. This is especially important for applicants without any previous experience. When an applicant without experience begins a job, there is always the risk of making a mistake monumental enough to get fired. Training at Professional Domestic Institute does not carry such a risk. Meanwhile, you can use the highest quality of equipment, use the best possible products, and most importantly, learn how to please an employer.

Training equates experience. It is somewhat possible to break into household service without previous experience or training. However, usually the only positions available to individuals without experience are entry-level Housecleaning positions with low pay and not much responsibility. If this is all you want, you may not need training. However, if you want better pay, more interesting responsibilities, and, perhaps, more respect as a professional, training is essential. We have found that training is approximately equivalent to 2 years’ experience. You could start in an entry-level position, work for 2 years, and then try to move up.  However training with Certification would make anyone with experience more valuable!

We say this because in class, you are constantly being critiqued by your fellow students as well as your instructors. Otherwise, it is possible that you could continue to make the same mistakes for years, costing your employer wasted time and money.

For example: just last week, my housecleaner (who’s never received training) didn’t handle the grates on the stove properly, which caused nicks in the stainless steel. She also used oven cleaner on the stainless steel oven handle, which ruined it and left “run” marks on the front of the stove. Finally, she did not properly clean the stove or the pots and pans, all of which then had to be done by a professional.

I could continue on about all the noticeable mistakes she made; but after she finished, she thought she’d done a great job!

The applicant without training has received his or her knowledge regarding the care of a home from one of two possible sources: learning from their own parents or guardians, or from caring for his or her own home. Homeowners, however, do not train their employees; they expect their employees to come to them ready to work. At the most, employers may provide tips about what they expect in their home. But this does not teach them the proper way to care for a home and its possessions. Without this knowledge, an employee could easily ruin priceless possessions or not get all of their work done in a timely manner.

Training makes you more marketable. This follows naturally from the preceding reasons. Commitment, knowledge, and experience gained and proven through training will make you more marketable to an employer.

Consider the many times when our clients have requested a graduate. Consider the clients who have stated their willingness to wait to hire until a graduate is available. Consider the clients who receive potential applicants with experience only to say, “These sound fine, but don’t you have any graduates available?”

Many of our clients will actually pick graduates over applicants with previous experience. Why? Because they know our methods show potential applicants how to prioritize according to their employers’ wants and needs, give potential applicants the tools they need to succeed in any given situation, and show potential applicants how to really pamper their employers. Think of the hundreds of applicants that may apply for any given position–and then think of how much you will stand out as a graduate of Professional Domestic Institute!

We have seen training provide graduates with opportunities they would never have had on their own. We have seen the pride and gratitude expressed by employers who have hired graduates or whose staff has been sent to us for training. We have, in short, seen lives change for the better.

If you feel that training could provide you with the additional income you are seeking, as well as the employment opportunities you desire, and the knowledge to make you a true professional please contact Professional Domestic Services & Institute at 614.565.5043. We offer both training at our Institute and Home Study. And for the client, we offer placement and private training for their employees.