Letters of Reference

Linda Dinkins,   Snellville, GA 30078

September, 2017

Dear Ms. Scudere:

I am writing to let you know that the Household Management Home Study Course has enlightened me in so many ways. The course provides the student with so much information and resources. It covers all the necessary skills an employee will need in order to be effective in meeting the employer’s wants and needs.

Because of your persistent and insistent encouragement to invest in training, I finally accepted the challenge and I am excited to report that I have learned so much about what is expected of me, understanding the family, and how to care for the home.

Also, the course has opened my eyes and reminded me at the same time about how I provide service to my employer, family, relatives, guests, and personal acquaintances in their home.

I would recommend the course to anyone seeking a position or currently employed in private service, because it provides you with the necessary information and resources to become the consummate professional.

Kindest regards,

Linda Dinkins


To my fellow home-study students at the International Institute of Household Management:

 I’m a recent home-study graduate from the Institute, the Administrative Household Management level, and I have some interesting news.

After completing the course studies in September, I was invited to the Institute in Columbus, Ohio, for a week of hands-on training in such things as luxury bed making, ironing and table setting (casual, formal, and buffet) .   I can’t tell you what a valuable experience this was, and for home study students, when you complete your studies, I urgently advise you to make every effort to spend a little time at the Institute, with Ms. Scudere.

We all know the job market is tight right now. Ms. Scudere is trying her best for each and every one of us, I know. I’ ve personally seen the placement operations. Even so, I was having no luck. May age, being sixty-two, seemed to be working against me, of course.

But then I stumbled upon a job in late October. There was a position open for a Household Manager in a large French chalet-style home. Three floor s, eleven fireplaces (if that gives an idea of the hugeness), gardens, fountains, swimming pools (plural), and a full outdoor kitchen and party house. Inside the home; three-hundred­ year old French antiques, a dining table that seats sixteen, a butler’s closet for all the silver, a wine cellar, oil paintings, rare books and manuscripts, a media room/movie theater, enormous closet/ dressing rooms (complete with sofas and televisions, one for the husband, and one for the wife), and hand-painted Royal Copenhagen china, at roughly two thousand dollars for one dinner plate.

In this home, I have a staff consisting of an Executive Housekeeper, an Upstairs Maid, a Groundskeeper and his two assistants, and a host of events planners, caterers and calligraphers for all the entertaining.

On the very first Sunday, I was invited to go for a drive into the country. Without explanation, my new employers took me to an Italian -style villa even bigger than the town home.  Again, gardens, courtyards, pools, exquisite furnishings, man y, many guest rooms…..and a landing strip with a hanger and jet that seats fifteen people. There were six people for dinner that night, and by complete surprise, I was assigned to set the table and serve. Casual, but elegant… with flowers, votives, and sterling flatware. A complete success! Thank you, Ms. Scudere!

The country home is fully staffed, including an apartment for the jet pilot. But I was told I would be needed out there on occasion. (Yes!!!)

I feel like I should be overwhelmed. But I am strangely calm, and completely in control. Every object within the home was covered in my studies, including the rare books and manuscript s, oriental rugs, oil paintings, silver care, and tracking the household budget in software, which is a big part of my new job.

Upon being introduced to some my employer’s guest s, one lady asked (because of my accent), “Where are you from?” I knew what she.meant. But instead of saying New York, I replied “the International Institute of Household Management “. I’m in a position to recommend Ms. Scudere, and so I will, with enduring gratitude.

My compensation package includes an agreeable starting salary, housing & utilities on the estate in a separate building, and corporate benefits that include health, dental, vision and life insurance.

So what I’ m trying to communicate here is that this is a real and quite serious career. The jobs are out there but you need to be prepared. Their training was so valuable to me.

All the best, Hiram Smith Graduate


From: Veronica Davis
To: carol@housestaff.net
Subject: to all potential students

To all the students of P.D.I. I have a story to tell I hope it will help someone along the way. You have chosen a profession that is probably one of the easiest and one of the hardest and you ask how can that be, let me explain myself, it can be easy if you love what you do. You took the right step by going to school and you listen to what your instructors are trying to teach you. There will be times that you will want to give up but don’t do it because it will all make sense to you later. Carol and all the other instructors are grooming and teaching you and giving you the basic tools it is up to you to learn and trust me you are learning from the best. In this profession it pays to be the best not only monetarily but it is also very rewarding that you can take on any challenge that you put your mind to. When you take this knowledge to the field that is when you fine tune it, you will have the basics after that it is all about the needs of the family that you are working for. The basic knowledge that you have learned at P.D.I. will give the head start that you need then… it is all about common sense, timing, knowing the needs of the family, confidentially, dedication, trust, and don’t be a chatty Cathy. If you can do all of this then your job will be smooth sailing.On the other hand if you are not a self motivator and you have limited knowledge this profession it can be very difficult, most anyone can clean and make appointments… this does not make you a professional because there is the right way and the wrong way.

Please allow me to tell you just a little about myself. I met Carol for the first time about ten years (1992) ago I answered a ad she had in the paper for a housekeeper for one of her clients. I had some back round in this area but no professional training. At that time I was going through a divorce.

And my sister had just passed away. Needless to say I was a mess. I arrived at Carols for my in house testing in a white tee shirt with a kitty imprint on it and a pair of gray pull elastic waist cotton slacks I was told to came in what I thought would be appropriate to this job. Wrong, first mistake I am surprised she let me go on but she did. Started by cleaning her kitchen from last nights dinner got the job done but made a lot of mistakes. For one I put a piece of silver in the dish washer and a knife,didn’t fell up the salt shaker and so on. The kitchen was very clean but there was so much more then just cleaning that I did not know. Carol sent me to the store with a list and I did some ironing I do believe she was pleased with how I carried out those task. Most of all she knew that I was eager to learn, I was very enthusiastic and highly motivated so I got the job. The job paid entry level, Carol had told me if I would take her class that I could make a lot more, at that time I could not afford to do so. Spent the next five years with that family and a wonderful family they were. It was time to move on so I contacted P.D.I.  Carol said to me once again if I could take her class and get my certification she could represent me for more money and I must add she also told me that I needed to be polished, she knew that I could do the job but needed to be fine tuned. So I did and I increased my salary by twenty thousand dollars and much more if you add in all the perks like free rent, utilities, a car with all my gas paid for, health insurance, two weeks paid vacation, etc. Was taking her class worth it? Oh yes it was!! Did I learn from my training? Sure did and I continue to learn every day so when you think you know it all….you don’t.

To everyone who is thinking of taking this course I highly recommended that you do so you will not regret it.

Yours Truly,

Veronica Davis.