Why do we encourage training?
The short answer to this question is that it works. We have seen first-hand the benefits that students receive. Those with no prior experience in the profession and those who have worked in private household service for years all gain tremendously from our training. We have seen our students go on to highly rewarding careers and we have seen them increase their earning potential beyond what they had thought possible. We have seen clients’ satisfaction improve when we train their employees to improve their abilities and level of service. For the more in-depth answer, read on…

Fowiner Applicants: training proves commitment. Sometimes an individual who is considering a career change stands at the edge of the metaphorical cliff for some time. This is understandable. Any career change requires courage and commitment. When you finally decide to enroll—and beyond that, actually complete the program you have chosen—it shows the depth of your commitment. Most household employers are impressed that you are committed to your career to the extent that you have invested significant quantities of your time, energy, and finances into it. A committed employee-in-training usually becomes a committed employee.

Training provides valuable practice with minimal risk. This is especially important for applicants without previous experience. When an applicant without experience begins a job, there is always the risk of making a mistake monumental enough to get fired. Training at Professional Domestic Institute does not have such a risk. Meanwhile, you can experience using the highest quality equipment, use the best products, and most importantly, learn how to please an employer.

training1Training equates experience. It is somewhat possible to break into household service without previous experience or training. However, usually the only positions available to individuals without experience are entry-level Housecleaning positions with low pay and not much responsibility. If this is all you want, you may not need training. However, if you want better pay, more interesting responsibilities, and perhaps more respect as a professional, training is essential. We have found that our training is equivalent to approximately 2 years’ job experience. You could start in an entry-level position, work for 2 years and then try to move up, or you could receive training, skip the 2 years and move right into a position that will likely be more satisfactory in terms of salary and responsibility. It is your choice! The applicant without training has received his or her knowledge regarding the care of a home from one of two possible sources: from caring for his or her own home, or from caring for an employer’s home. We have learned that homeowners do not want to train their employees; they expect their employees to come to them ready to work. At the most, employers may provide tips about what they expect in their home. But this does not teach them the proper way to care for a home and its possessions. Without this knowledge, an employee could easily ruin priceless possessions.

Training makes you more marketable. This follows naturally from the preceding reasons. Commitment, knowledge, and experience gained and proven through training will make you more marketable to an employer. Consider the many times when our clients have requested someone with training. Many of our clients will actually pick graduates over applicants with previous experience. Why? Because they know our methods show applicants how to prioritize according to their employers’ wants and needs, how to really pamper them and we give them the tools they need to succeed in any given situation. Think of the hundreds of applicants that may apply for any given position—and then, think of how much you will stand out as a professional with training!

For Employers: training increases enthusiasm. We have seen it time and again. An employer sends an unmotivated employee who lacks professionalism to us for training, thinking, “We’ll see what happens—this is our last resort.” When the employee returns, the employer may not be able to believe it is the same person! Oftentimes just being in the environment of Professional Domestic Institute—being in a home that is exquisitely organized and has the very best equipment—can lift an employee’s enthusiasm instantly. Learning new techniques, the benefits of prioritizing, how to organize, and so on can definitely boost the morale of a struggling employee.

Training provides unbiased feedback. An objective, unbiased pair of eyes can observe and then point out to an employee what needs to be improved upon. An employee may believe his or her employer is “overly picky” but having a PDI Instructor tell them that his or her employer is correct, and then reinforcing the proper way to do things will help the employee understand what he or she must do.

Training offers encouragement. Training can actually be very beneficial to employees with low self-esteem. An employer’s willingness to invest in training for an employee often shows the employee that he or she is valuable to the employer. When an employer says, “I like you and would like to help you improve so you can stay with me,” by sending the employee for training, it can be a great boost of encouragement to the employee. It can also make an employee more eager to apply him/herself in training.

Training can boost professionalism. Many Housekeepers find themselves in their new positions out of necessity. Others have been working for so long that they believe they know what they are doing and see no reason to change any of their methods. But training can show Housekeepers that theirs is a profession that requires specialized knowledge- just like any other profession. It also shows Housekeepers that they can always learn more about what they do. (I learn new things every day too!) Training can help not only Housekeepers, but also other household staff to take pride in their work and to understand that they are helping people in a personal and noble way.

We hope that you now can better understand why we encourage training. Our training provides graduates with opportunities they would never have had on their own. We have seen the pride and gratitude expressed by employers who have hired graduates or whose staff has been sent to us for training. We have, in short, seen lives change for the better. If you feel your life could change for the better, why not give us a call? We would love to discuss the possibilities that can open up for you with the help of Professional Domestic Services & Institute. 614-565-5043.