Do you have experience in working for private homes but lack professional training?

Did you learn your skills from the “old guard” but never received any kind of recognition or certification?

Don’t feel you are getting the recognition of salary you deserve?

Or unable to get a position because potential employers are not sure of your abilities?

We now offer a one or two-day testing process that allows you to demonstrate your capabilities in private household service and thereby achieve the national recognition that comes with certification. This is a wonderful opportunity to receive validation in a tangible way, as receiving certification from Professional Domestic Institute will provide you with the backing of a nationally-renowned training facility with the highest reputation for quality household staff. This process will also provide you with a critique of your current skill level and that can help you ascertain what areas you may need to improve upon.

  • Employer/Employee Relationships and Boundaries
  • Professionalism
  • Caring for House Guests
  • Safety and Security for the Home and Family
  • National and International Travel Arrangements
  • Home Care: Using Proper Tools and Products, Practicing Good Time Management, Caring for Fine Items and Materials, Luxury Bedmaking, Etc.
  • Caring for Fine Clothing & Linens
  • Conservation of Fine Arts, Furnishings,
  • Books, and Other Priceless Items
  • Estate Care
  • Fine Dining Service and Caring for Fine
  • Dining Accessories
  • Social Correspondence
  • Staff and Home Management Techniques
  • Maintaining Household Files & Payab
  • Inventory & Insurance
  • Purchasing for Quality & Value
  • Managing Multiple Househ
  • Many More Possible Topics!

To achieve certification, you need a minimum score of 80% in final testing. Testing may include any or all of the following topics depending on the certification you want to earn:

Certification is available for:

  • Estate Housekeeping at a cost of $1,200.00
  • Certified Processional Household Management at a cost of $2,600.00
  • Certified Administrative Household Manager/Personal Assistant at a cost of $2,600.00

These tests are offered twice a year in Columbus, Ohio. We would love to have the opportunity to award you the certification you deserve for your plethora of household experience. So call Professional Domestic Institute at (614) 565-5043 today to find out when you can be tested for Certification!