We invite you to take a look at the philosophy of Professional Domestic Institute! At this time we only accept up to 8 students for each program in order to provide the most personalized instruction possible. Our students come from all over the world to immerse themselves in our intensive programs. Our copyrighted text materials contain over 2,000 pages that include color photographs; anecdotes from actual household professionals and their employers, including mistakes made and lessons learned; the expertise of countless experts in domestic fields; and information learned from our years of experience in dealing with Household Management. We also provide over 22 instructors who teach valuable coursework to our students, CD-ROMs, DVDs, and supplemental reference books written by experts from around the world to enhance your learning experience. And of course, our institute offers the latest in household equipment, appliances, and supplies available for our students’ edification.

2015 Programs Now Being Offered

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2016 Programs Now Being Offered

Course Title

Estate Housekeeping
(1 or 2 wk classes)
1 week $2200
2 week $3800
February 4, 2019
February 22, 2019
Professional Household Manager
4 week class $7500
February 25, 2019

March 22, 2019
Adm Household Mgr, Estate Mgr, Personal Asst
3 wk class $7500
March 25, 2019

June 3, 2019
April 12, 2019

June 21, 2019
Estate Housekeeping
1 week $2200
2 week $3800
September 16, 2019September 27, 2019
Professional Household Mgr
4 week class $7500
September 30, 2019October 25, 2019
Fine Dining
2 days $850
October 28, 2019October 29, 2019

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Professional Household Manager/Butler Certificate Program

Our 4-week program offers the building blocks of a successful career in Household Management. Students learn the essentials, from the proper techniques for the care of a home of wealth to managing and relating to other staff. In between you’ll learn about the lifestyles of the wealthy, understanding the needs of a family, how to relate to an employer, time management, fine dining service and etiquette, planning elegant and/or extravagant events of entertaining, and much more. Whether you are beginning a new career path or aspiring to move from housekeeping to a position with more responsibility, you will find the tools you need for success in this program.

4 Week Certificate Program

Estate Housekeeping

Our 2-3 week programs are designed for Housekeepers who want to take their skills to the next level to be able to care for the finer things life has to offer, and in so doing increase their earning potential. Students have the opportunity to learn about the proper techniques for cleaning items found in homes of wealth, such as marble, granite, antiques, hardwood, valuable art collections, crystal, ivory, and many other fine materials and possessions. Learn about the expectations of the wealthy, from luxury bedmaking to caring for fine linens; working with high-end equipment; zoning a home to improve time management; and much more.

2-3 Week Certificate Program

Estate Manager/Administrative Household Manager/Personal Assistant

We were the first school in the world to offer this higher level training to improve the administrative efficiency of a large estate. This course builds upon the Professional Household Manager 8 week program for students who wish to gain the knowledge necessary to move into a more administrative position. This 4-week program demonstrates purchasing for the wealthy, advanced safety and security issues (such as identity theft and high-tech home security), managing household staff, maintaining files and paperwork, creating and maintaining household inventories, managing multiple homes, purchasing, working with contracts, International travel, and much more. Two years’ previous household management experience or the successful completion of our 4-8 week program is required for enrollment.

4 Week Certificate Program
Certificate Program