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Professional Training Information
We have potential employers who want to hire only our applicants who have had some training and are waiting for you!. However, if you would like to talk to someone about training please call our office at 614-565-5043.

Dear Potential Student,

Have you dreamed of working in a large, luxurious home of wealth, surrounded by beautiful artwork, gorgeous tapestries, the finest of furnishings and other possessions of high-profile people of distinction?

Whether you are considering a career change into the field of Household Management or you are a household professional with years of experience under your belt, Professional Domestic Institute can help you achieve your goals and reach far beyond what you might have thought possible.

What does Professional Domestic Institute have to offer, and how can it benefit you?

Professional Domestic Institute offers a variety of programs to meet the needs of every aspiring or current household professional:

Certified Professional Household Management:

t-bedOur 8-week program offers the building blocks of a successful career in Household Management. Students learn the essentials, from the proper techniques for the care of a home of wealth to managing and relating to other staff. In between you’ll learn about the lifestyles of the wealthy, understanding the needs of a family, how to relate to an employer, time management, fine dining service and etiquette, planning elegant and/or extravagant events of entertaining, and much more. Whether you are beginning a new career path or aspiring to move from housekeeping to a position with more responsibility, you will find the tools you need for success in this program.

Certified Chef / Household Manager:

For those of you with previous culinary experience, our four week program will help you move to the next level in your career. We will examine the art of Fine Dining and Entertaining as well as the approach for “Home Cooking” and serving “Family Style” in your employer’s home.

In addition to learning house hold management skills, participants of this class will also be trained in Safety and Security, kitchen organization and other important skills.

Certified Administrative Household Manager/Personal Assistant:

Our next level of training is often taken immediately following the 8-week course by students who wish to gain the knowledge necessary to move into an administrative position. This 3-week program demonstrates purchasing for the wealthy, advanced safety and security issues (such as identity theft and high-tech home security), managing household staff, maintaining files and paperwork, creating and maintaining household inventories, managing multiple homes and much more. Two years’ previous household management experience or the successful completion of our 8-week program is required for enrollment into this program.

Estate Housekeeping:

Our 4-week program is designed for aspiring Housekeepers or those who have some experience and want to take their skills to the next level to increase their earning potential. Students have the opportunity to learn and practice proper cleaning techniques for items found in homes of wealth, such as marble, granite, antiques, hardwood, valuable art collections, crystal, ivory, and other fine materials and possessions. You will learn about the expectations of the wealthy and develop skills in luxury bed-making. We teach your how to care for fine linens, work with high-end equipment, zone a home for maximum time management and many other skills and tips your mother didn’t teach you.

Private Training:

For experienced household professionals who could use some fine-tuning of their current skill set, we offer Private Training. From dining service styles to managing multiple homes, our professional instructors will help you improve in any area of household management you require. You will receive training either at your employer’s home or at the Institute.

If you would like to make a career change to Household Management, Professional Domestic Institute can help you in many ways:

  • Graduating from PDI shows potential employers that you are serious about your chosen profession. Employers do not want to hire people who think it would be “fun” to work in a wealthy home and get to spend all the money they want, or who believe they can manage a wealthy home because they can manage an office or their own homes; employers want employees who are dedicated to their careers, will stay with them long-term, and have the knowledge necessary to meet all their needs.
  • Being trained at PDI gives you the knowledge and confidence necessary to successfully manage a home. It would take years of on-the-job experience to acquire the same kind of competence that can be achieved in 8 to 11 weeks at PDI. .
  • Professional training is often the only way that an inexperienced individual can receive consideration by a wealthy household employer. Many employers will hire PDI graduates, even if they have no household experience, because they know what kind of capabilities our training programs deliver; in fact, we often have a waiting list of employers who will hire only our graduates. Our 90+% placement rate proves beyond a doubt the success of our program and graduates. Our clients hire our graduates because they want the very best staff possible, not “average” staff with average skills and abilities. They know that our graduates have been trained to provide “World Class Service,” and that’s what these distinguished individuals and families want for their homes.
  • At PDI, students learn how to provide the utmost in quality care for a home, not merely how to clean a home. Caring for a home is far more extensive than cleaning a home; the former refers to taking the steps necessary to ensure that a home, from its very structure down to each individual accessory, provides its owners with enjoyment and comfort for years to come. Caring for a home requires a different mindset than most students have upon arriving at PDI. They learn to cultivate a deep respect for their employers and, by extension, for their beautiful homes and possessions. This can then be extended even further to promote a deep respect and desire to make the lives of their employers as comfortable, relaxing, and carefree as possible.
  • PDI students are exposed to a wide variety of fine furnishings, accessories, and possessions found in a home of wealth; the finest linens, marble, granite, crystal, leather furniture, antiques, digital pianos, equipment, etc. You will learn how to purchase for the wealthy, from grocery to personal shopping. You will learn about the expectations of the wealthy in everything from fine dining to party planning. In general, you will learn about nearly all aspects of the wealthy lifestyle so that you can best provide the “World Class Service” they expect.
  • PDI training methods have been tried and tested through years of experience. First and foremost, they have been developed through the experience and training of the School Director, Carol Scudere. Her years of experience as a Household Manager, Trainer, and success as a Business Owner for over 30 years speak volumes about her expertise. Secondly, the staff at Professional Domestic Institute continually researches the newest techniques and information relevant to the management of a household to ensure that the training we offer is as current as possible and second to none. Finally, they have been used successfully by scores of graduates whose happy employers are a glowing testimonial to the value of the training.
  • Household employers want employees who can make their homes run like “magic.” This means they want staff to do what they want them to do – without having to tell them. PDI training gives its graduates the tools necessary to learn and understand their employers’ wants and needs. Regardless of the household situation, PDI graduates are able to step into an employment situation, ascertain their employers’ wishes and expectations, and not only carry them out, but also exceed them.
  • Because of the current economy, household employers are seeking staff members who have greater skills so that they will not have to hire services. They want staff with excellent time management capabilities, emotional stability that prevents them from bringing personal problems on the job, a high level of professionalism, and so on. The skills and nuances provided through PDI training are so varied and extensive that graduates are able to step into nearly any employment situation and provide what that employer is seeking.
  • PDI students are able to save their employers’ money. They have better time management skills and resourcefulness. They are able to determine how to care for their employers’ valuables without damaging them; they are also able to recognize when they should not care for something themselves and should instead seek the experience of a professional. They are able to determine when an appliance, a piece of equipment, or other purchase represents the best value for their employers’ money. They are able to evaluate the work habits of others, staff members and outside contractors alike. These skills make PDI graduates indispensable to their employers.
  • Attending PDI allows you to make an investment in yourself and in your future. Many graduates find that the value of their new salaries allows them to recoup the expense of training within their first year of employment. Don’t you think you’re worth it?

Professional Domestic Institute can also be of assistance to you if you are an experienced household professional:

  • At PDI, you will have the opportunity to learn new skills in the field of Household Management as well as to improve and perfect the skills you already have. In addition, you will improve your networking abilities.
  • Through PDI training, you can learn how to successfully meet the needs of any employer you work for, and not just the employer(s) you have worked for in the past. One complaint employers often have of experienced household professionals is that they are “stuck” in the methods that worked for their previous employers, rather than being able to adapt to how their current employers want things accomplished. PDI training will help you successfully adapt your service to your employer so that no matter who you work for, you will always be adept at meeting their wants and needs.
  • A willingness to receive further training shows your current employer that you are dedicated to your career and to providing the best level of service possible to him or her. The combination of experience and professional training can make you a nearly irresistible candidate to a potential new employer who wants the very best.
  • Training at PDI can help you move into a position with more responsibility and administrative functions, which in turn will produce increased financial compensation.
  • PDI training shows you how to make yourself indispensable to your current and future employer(s).



Some of the nicest compliments we have received about our PDI graduates:

  • “After 3 months, I didn’t have to tell her what my needs were; she did them without my vocalizing them.”
  • My home is run like a business, but it has the comfort of a 5-star luxury hotel.”
  • Past employees kept my house clean; now I feel like I am being truly taken care of by my employee.”
  • He keeps my life running so smoothly that I don’t know how I ever managed without him.”
  • “Nothing escapes her notice. Details I wouldn’t have noticed myself, such as the leak under my kitchen sink; she notices and automatically takes care of the problem. I don’t have to be bothered. ”

What if I can’t spare the time for training? Although 8 to 11 weeks is not very much time to spend in relation to what you could gain, we do understand that not everyone can take time off work or do extensive traveling in order to attend Professional Domestic Institute. For this reason, we have designed another option for individuals with time or other constraints: our Home Study Program; The International Institute of Household Management and Staffing.

Our Professional Household Management, Administrative Household Manager/Personal Assistant, and Estate Housekeeping courses are all available in Home Study. You will receive all the copyrighted text materials, supplemental textbooks, videos, and CD-ROMs given to our PDI students. You will then have 1 year (for Professional Household Management enrollees) or 6 months (for Administrative or Estate Housekeeping enrollees) to complete the tests and projects that come with the program. Certificates of completion are awarded to all who successfully complete the program.

Many other students have chosen to combine Home Study and PDI training by completing one program through Home Study, then attending PDI for another program. This method has been particularly popular for those who want to receive both Certified Professional Household Management and Administrative certifications.

At Professional Domestic Institute, we want to help you achieve your dreams of success in the field of household service. We are dedicated to working with you to make professional training as convenient as possible. Our caring and professional consultants are available to work with you to decide the best way to complete your training successfully.

Remember that our classes are limited to 8 students, providing the best possible instruction. Our classes fill up fast, and we have clients waiting for our graduates.

Professional Domestic Institute can help you—but only if you take the first step. We invite you to call us today and get ready to begin the adventure of a lifetime.

Sincerely yours,
The staff of Professional Domestic Institute
(614) 565-5043