Our Philosophy…

philosophy-textboxProfessional Domestic Services & Institute trains students to be the highest quality employees in the business. We are committed to teaching each student how to provide top-notch service to their employer. We accomplish this by using our unique educational programs. Once the training is completed, we can then represent the graduates to our clients for the highest level position for which they were trained and have demonstrated outstanding ability.

Our training programs are continually evolving. We invest generous amounts of time and research, and have written over 2,000 pages of copyrighted support materials to expand the curriculum. In this way, we know the material is up-to-date and in step with the changes in society. Our goal is to give our students an interactive, hands-on learning experience that will provide prospective and promote personal growth. In the end, we want you to be confident that you can properly care for a family and home of quality. That confidence will allow you to go beyond the employer’s expectations to provide the gracious, “World Class Service” our students are known for.

training2Our belief that students learn by using equipment, practicing techniques, and caring for people as well as a home allows us to outfit our students with the ability to enter a home and understand what it will take to care for that home and family. Students are taught that abilities are just as important as a “service attitude,” and they are motivated to take genuine pride in their work.

We utilize realistic settings that enable our students to practice their new skills. With this practice, they can achieve the confidence necessary to step into most any situation with the poise and self-assurance of a polished professional. Our training also facilitates students’ ability to continue growing as they choose. We provide them with the resources and the tools to find answers without a needless struggle. We encourage their personal and professional growth as we expand their minds with information on caring for “Today’s Homes & Families” in the 21st Century.

We challenge each student to develop a true dedication of spirit and adopt the attitude of our profession. This dedication of spirit and attitude of the profession expresses itself in their ability to bring resourcefulness and utter professionalism to the home and family they serve. Professionally trained household staff are able to take great pride in knowing they have advanced their profession by obtaining training and unconditionally caring for the families they have sworn to serve.